APPICS Fam 🤍 Check out my interview with „Show me the crypto“ on YouTube! @wade ...

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... paterson was one of the first people, possibly first person ever to interview me 4 years ago!!
So of course there was no question in my mind when he asked me to be on his newly launched show/podcast.

Feel free to show your support, by leaving a like👍, Comment 💬 and if you want to support the show further, subscribe to the channel.
Oh and give @wadepaterson a Follow on APPICS for more fun crypto content 🤍


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I designed the Appics and Telos logos 🤘🤙 please check out my profile 🥰🙏

Thanks for your motivated work! 🥳


That's great.. 👍👍👍

Well done dear
Already followed him 👍

that's great 🤘 already followed ❤️❤️

that's great

Let’s goooooo!!!!

We are by your go ahead, mam 😇

wow great dear ❤❤👌👌

Excelente iniciativa, felicitaciones!

I'm watching it right now on YouTube 📺✌🏻

I'm going to see it now 👋

You crushed it!!! Thanks, Uma 😀

Sounds awesome, I will definitely check it out when I get a chance here today!!👍😍😊👍

Great interview👍😘

ok but how are you so dang beautiful

I really like the interview because it shows that Uma is not just sweet but smart! She understands where we will go and how value is created in this century! 🤩

Congratulations on a great job and I'm glad to see you have done so well💎

Hello mam
I make a video about 6th monthly APPICS AMBASSADOR AWARD was hosted by @felixsander. Please check my profile to see the video and comment me how is it for my inspiration. Have a great day mam.
Thank you.

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