Spain ca. 2000 in my grandpa‘s garden🌺 Even though I only spent the summers there, ...

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... a lot of my vivid childhood memories come from that place, like learning how to swim in the ocean 🌊 , building a home for a gecko that was injured (I named „Mandi“ after „Salamander“🦎) and I remember how upset I was when he died, or collecting fruits and vegetables in the garden for my mom to cook with, smelling the flowers that surrounded the finca, eating from a banana leaf instead of a plate, and watching the sun set from our porch🌅

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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what a little sweetheart, trips down memory lane take us way back to our roots and inner core selves where life was so blissful, simplistic and slow down to a pace where we could cherish the intangibles. You are blessed my friend Uma

Beautifully phrased! You’re so gifted with words. I have nothing to add. Much love 🤍

Thank you, we all have gifts to share with one another, yours being your poised charisma 😊 It's nothing but love of course

Awe thats so beautiful! Childhood memories can be so awesome, its like your "Alice In Winderland" lol, so Adorable!❤️😍

Haha it does look like I’m dreaming 😄

Lol, yes! Out sleep walking in your PJs in Wonderland, haha!

I was that goofy and geeky child who was roaming all across my village streets with torn out shirts and loose shorts and sometimes even without shorts 😂😂. I posted one such photo with tag kidsofappics. Awesome memories!!

Sound like great memories to me 😄 just saw the picture looks adorable!


Beautiful Child 😍


The photograps looks like an art of oilpastel 😀😀 but really you were so sweet 😍😍

True, the sunset makes it look surreal 😊

Hast Du eine längere Zeit in Spanien gelebt? 🇪🇸 Braves Bild 😄

Nein gelebt habe ich leider nie dort, nur zu Besuch meistens in den Sommerferien ☺️

Once a cutie always a cutie


My childhood was full of demons... pictures not always tell the truth..🙏🏻

I‘m sorry to hear that. It’s heartbreaking to know innocent children around the world go through traumas that a child should never experience. I hope whatever you went through is in the past and made you stronger 🙏🏽

Yep, I won the fights and it definitely made me stronger ...🙏🏻😊

ooo so cute😊


So beautiful!! :-)


Wow liitle uma 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Cutie Uma 😍

So cute! =*

Looking good

Wow,so cute😍

Wow,,😍 So cute you..😍❤❤❤

This is a really lovely childhood picture. You must be feeling nostalgic after seeing this photo.

wow wonderful 👌👌

Looking so cute

Wow,,,,,,very nice👌👌👌👌

Beautiful memories💕✌. Mine was playing with other kids, also with clay, trying to mould it into something beautiful back then and several others. Super cutie you🙌❤💝

On that time I was little like this

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