Another lockdown in Ukraine 🇺🇦

in APPICSlast year

Hi friends 🤗


There is another lockdown in our country. I love to be at home, but lately I really want to go to the cinema or the park. I miss communicating with friends and I understand that this way of life is with us for a long time. There is bad vaccination in Ukraine, our government cannot do everything competently. Therefore, we are at the peak of the disease.😭😢😕

A huge plus for me, I live in a big house, not in an apartment, and spring is coming. We can find many activities in the yard with a child.


I found myself in work. This is very distracting to me and somehow earnings, which I did not count on. And that's great 🤪
Hope you are in safe and healthy 🙏 Stay blessed 🤩


same here 😓

Stay safe sweetie ❤️

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