Our little old man Tucker went to kitty 🐱 heaven today. He was only 16 years old ...

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... but had gotten so frail in the past two months. I already miss my lap buddy terribly. RIP Tucker. 🥰


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RIP, sweet old kitty!

Thank you my friend. Happy New Year.

Awe, I'm sure he's kitty heaven...🐱🐈😻🙏 We lost out cat Callie last year at the same age and we still have her brother here Squeak, who is also frail and won't be with us much longer.🙏😻

Awe, I feel your pain too. It is the hardest to watch them going downhill so fast.

Yes it certainly is so sad...🥲😻

So sorry to here this sad news.. RIP Tucker

Thank you Mike. We are really going to miss him. Happy New Year to you. I have not been on lately, maybe soon. Xoxo

So sorry for your loss!

Thank you, Marianne, we sure do miss him.