☀️ Good Morning APPICS Fam ☀️ In case you had a rough start this morning, remember ...

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... that this feeling is just temporary. Every day is a fresh new beginning and you can program your mind to think positive once you wake up!

Life is challenging for everyone of us right now and keeping a clear head while spreading positive vibes is easier said than done. But there are some tips and tricks that I want to share with you which help raise your vibration and gives you the energy back which is hidden within you! 🗝

  • Gratitude!
    The feeling of true gratitude will shift your attitude! In psychology, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness and it helps you to feel positive emotions, relish good experiences and even improves your health!
    When you open your eyes in the morning, take 5 minutes ( before your first coffee 😉) and be grateful for even the smallest things! Family, friends, your job, health, being on this beautiful planet for another day, being able to smell & taste, nature and everything that comes into your mind!

  • Decrease stress by using your breath!
    Don’t skip this one because it is more important than you probably think!

During stressful moments, conscious breathing allows you to shift and release negative energy instead of storing it in your body. This is important because stored-up energy often manifests as muscle tension and other physical ailments.
While being busy in our daily routines, we often do not think about our breath and just follow the to-do list. This causes a so called “chest breathing” and signals our mind that we’re in danger ⚠️ It was designed to be used in situations of great exertion, such as a sprint or race.

When you wake up in the morning, did your gratitude session and had your first tea/coffee, sit down for 5-10 minutes and take deep belly breaths! You can also search for some tutorials on YouTube.

  • Affirmations ✨
    Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you will start to make positive changes! Because everything is energy! Unfortunately, our mind often repeats negative experiences, bad thoughts, mistakes and this causes us to manifest those things into our lives. When you start your day, take a pen and a paper and write down 5 affirmations! Repeat this every morning!!!

We’re all on this journey together and keeping a positive attitude while the world is going crazy is the most important. Let’s support each other and come together as a family. Don’t be programmed by the mainstream world. Start programming your mind on your own and see what will happen! 💫

Quote of the day: If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?

Have a wonderful day my loves!
🤍 Soldier


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Great picture!

Thank you ☺️

Very nice message by you, I regularly write 5 gratitude things, what I'm thankful for and now I can feel inner happiness ☺️🥰

That’s amazing! It will truly shift your perspective and it lets you attract greater things into your life 💫

Danke dir 🙌🏽

Thanks for this wise words 🙏 Some of them Points are in my Routine too, Affirmations are great Gratitude is so important when not the most important thing for me. The most difficult point was the right Breath it is so in routine that I nearly reflected no time my breath and the the body means fight or cursed 😅

Amazing that you already added some things like showing gratitude to your daily routine. To breathe consciously is actually so important and most people don’t know about it yet. So try it out and let me know what you think! It also calms down your mind. Trust me ☺️

Thank you for sharing such wonderful and amazing words of encouragement to all of us especially this time of the pandemic. Everything that happened nowadays will pass away and the new beginning is yet to come, so be positive and always put our trust and faith to our Almighty God. 😇😇🙏

Couldn’t said it any better! Better days will come and we’re strong enough to survive this dark time and restore our energy to become the light at the end of the tunnel 🙌🏽💫

Such a fire post of wisdom and great photo, I really love the quote of the bottom as well as your philosophy. A lyric comes to mind tying to beauty, intentions and the words we speak,. It's from a song I wrote long ago,

"Beware the smiling faces with arms wide open first
They'll quickly give you hugs only to measure your worth"

These words go deep under the skin 🤯 Your lyrics are so powerful and I’m glad you finally start to them with us. You’re not only a talented singer but also a poet.

..wow, Gott (oder wer auch immer...) hatte echt n guten Tag, als du dran warst...sehr schön...Stil kann man halt nicht kaufen...beste Grüße von hier....enjoy....

Ohh vielen Dank! Weiß ich sehr zu schätzen 🙏🏽 Liebe Grüße zurück!

I'm filled with positive energy while I'm reading your post,every word is meaningful .Thank you for sharing your positivity to us🙌

That makes me really happy! 🙏🏽☺️

Good Morning @soldier you are looking so beautiful as always! Thanks for the awesome tips in these trying times, it's much appreciated! Sending Positive Vibes and Love From British Columbia Canada, Stay Safe!🥰🤙🙏❤️

Thanks lovely! Happy you liked my post. Can’t wait to visit Canada one day! ☺️

We would be so happy to see you some day!🥰👍✌️

A lot of psychological matter here. Some tiny things that we ignore always is really have much value but we don't know it. Positivity always bring the peace and happiness

Thats true! The little things matter too especially if you keep repeating them!

The feeling of true gratitude will shift your attitude! And the states you've made after. ▪︎I agree passionately. Read the whole text, absolutely true.💫💫

Thanks for lifting some spirits up, you have no idea @soldier 🙂

The sentence you used that "easier said than done" here most of time we fail. We like to think we have to do, we have to change, we have to be positive etc. But after some days we lose our control. We need control over us.

Exactly! Control and discipline is the most important. Let me tell you one thing, you have 5 minutes a day to get controlled by your emotions, the rest should be ruled by your to do list! Just keep following what you have written down and get things done! No excuses!

Yes, I think the main thing you point out here is discipline. I think it's the only way that can help to control our sense. But it will not be achieved it one day. Need mindset and meditations which you noted here to do for 5 minutes. Also human behaviour are really unpredictable. Need to fight against mind only then one can be succeed to get this lifestyle and character..

Did you know that you are able to change within seconds? People tell us that it takes weeks to implement a new habit but actually you have the power to transform right away if you really want it! Discipline is a mindset and can be achieved immediately. But I would recommend to repeat something you want to adapt into your life for 3 weeks, every single day so that it becomes a habit automatically

So motivational speech ma'am, and you glad to know thatI just released my new Appics motivational song(classical). This time I sing behalf of Appics team to motivate users. I love Appics, I want to work for it like this. I will be delighted, ma'am if you check it.

Thank you Mohibur! I’ve seen your post and I am blown away by how much time and effort you put into creating these songs! But I would love to read the lyrics so you might post it as well on your next video release. That makes it more exciting and better to understand for everyone. ☺️

Good point ma'am, I also think that, cause for the music beats all of lyrics is not clear for Listener. It might be good if I add subtitles. But I am very sick now last 4 days.that is why I can't it. I feel proud for myself that i sing 2 song's for Appics, I did work for Appics. And successfully informed Appics team. I wish to meet you and whole Appics team and take all of your autograph, but as a student I have not ability to do it. One-day I will.

I want to make a documentary video about Appics team members, depending which information I know about you so far. That's why I just released trailer of this video, if you check it makes me inspired.

Thanks for the positive vibe ❤️🙏🏻 you’re so amazing and beautiful 🙏🏻🤍

Thank you cutie! You’re amazing too. I’m obsessed with your talent. Happy to have you here on board and looking forward to dancing with you together soon 😊

I’m looking forward for that to happen! I wish I can dance with you real soon! ❤️🤍🙏🏻

Oozing with elegance and appeal! Lhuv that pose!

Thank you beautiful! Appreciate your kind words ☺️

Smart and beautiful 👌 Always positive ✌️😚Great post my love ✌️🤗😉

Thanks sweetheart! Much love for you! 🤍

I think it would be more beautiful!! Btw have a great day

What a stunning look & style💞

Thanks! Happy you like it!

Yeah she's gonna end up only posting more and more with fancier clothes from new brands on newlife.ai

I’ll check out the platform for sure but please do not spread any news on my profile which aren’t true. Thank you 🙏🏽 😊

Looking so beautiful..👌

Thank you so much!

Gorgeous looking..😘

Thanks so much 🙏🏽

Hello legs. Lovely.

Thank you 😌

You look so beautiful this place is so beautiful you like me so much this picture has been so beautiful

Thank you so so much! Appreciate the love

Good morning beautiful lady.

Wishing you a powerful day 🦾

Thank you for the wish may come true.

Extraordinary picture dear i'm already crush with you 😍

Thank you a lot 🥰

Good morning

Have a wonderful day 🙏🏽

wow so nice beautiful

Thank you!

Wow look so beautiful

Appreciate it! 😊

Wow looking so good😍

Thanks my love! 💓

Klasse Foto, echt hübsch

Vielen Dank 🙏🏽

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

I want your Hat! 👒 😅

Would look great on you for sure 😉

Let me try 😉

Looks so awesome 🤗💜

Thanks so much!

Good morning ☕♥

Have a wonderful day 💫

Lets goooo 💥


Such a beautiful shot🤗

Thank you 🥰

Wonderful picture and very valuable tips, thank you a lot for sharing!! ❤️

Thank you my dear! Appreciate your lovely words 🤍💫

Your gonna be sooo fucking rich on telos hahaha you're gonna be famous on newlife and appics will FEED into newlife. Earn telos on appics use it ro get newcoin and buy nodes or account on newlife.ai and you'll meet grimes and elon musk

Thank you for your encouragement but that is not my mission. I am not into money and fame! Appics has a different mission and we’re here to make a change. I appreciate your message though 😊

❤️ Thanks for the encouragement.

❤️my pleasure

Good morning from Bangladesh 😍🎉

Wishing you a wonderful and powerful day 🙏🏽

Bäaaam 💥💯🤩✨👌🏿.... outstandingly nice & stylish

Thank you ☺️ 🙌🏽

You’re welcome ✨🤩

You’re soooo beautiful 😍🔥

Thanks my love 💓

Yes, feeling all this stressed energy is sometimes difficult, but the graditude and breathing exercise helps me a lot💫. Thank you for all your great tips, the world needs people like you💗

I appreciate your kind words! Thank you 🤍 Let’s spread more love and kindness - everyone needs it right now!

looking so beautiful

Thank you so much!


Smashing style and body! 💯🔥

......and ....Your words sound like poetry! So schön!

That's refreshing...

Very elegance ❤️

The picture is very beautiful

Omg I love that outfit 😍😍 and your content generally 👍👍

Neat and clean 👌😊

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