we can choose how we create our life. maybe not in society standards but for yourself. ...

in APPICS4 years ago

... I know I could be so depressed at the moment, because a lot of things don‘t work out so well for me, but I choosed to be happy in my life, feeling summer feelings, enjoying music and surrounded by friends😌✨


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..yess!...that’s the right decision!...have fun and enjoy...

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Hola Lara! Que Te pasa? Si puedo ayudar en algo dimelo! In abrazo muy fuerte y in besito😘

I know what you mean.. sometimes I feel the same way. It is then that I go down, way down but then I come back up again. Stronger. With more power. With more persistence. It is all about becoming a better you. Every time. Be strong and remember to rise back again. Every time..

Just enjoy life and everything will be alright!

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