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To The Moon 🚀 🌙 With Our Passion!

⚜️⚜️ Starting Week 31 & 32⚜️⚜️
Our New Theme Is...

                          💭 🧐

1st Surprise: Secret Project Reveal
2nd Surprise: New Opportunity
3rd Surprise: Prize Reward Update

Backstory: Behind the scenes of Appics and Smiley Appics, we have been working on this project to mix music and crypto technology together, because we have seen in the open market that this is what has been missing.

This song represents the Smiley Appics Team with @sirwinchester's niece, Harmony, and nephew, Marcello, inside. Not even @sirwinchester or the Appics Team knew about this song.

😶 So secret it was.

It's all about sharing and making crypto music to inspire more people to invest in the future. And Appics and Telos Are The Future.

This Week's Challenge is a special one.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Smiley Appics Team with us, as a Community Creator? Now's your chance to jump in. We are looking for a new Team Member.

The Challenge:
Take this song and make it into a music video. Show us your originality and creativity.

Download the mp3 file from
by pressing the button (... MORE) on the track, use the lyrics provided, and whatever imagery you feel is necessary to have a chance at winning the 5 prizes.
‼️Those who show us real skill with animating, moving characters, and graphic design have a great chance at winning. That's exactly what we are looking for.‼️

‼️For Those Who Cannot Do Graphic Design, here is something for you too.
🙂🎅Send us your best smiles.😁🤶
Let's end the year 2020 looking happy🎥📷‼️

There Will Only Be 5 Winners, So That Means Double Prize Money!!

The 1st Place Winner will become a member of our Smiley Appics Team!!

So send your very best Smile entries to us to win.

‼️The Challenge runs from 19th Sat Dec to 8th Fri of January 2021‼️


Good luck 🍀 to all of you... From us 😊🤓😎 The Winchester family, and @Verbal-D


😊All Smiles Accepted, Big Or Small 😁 ✅



You Can Win Real APX Currency... 🥇🥇
Which You Can Keep, In This Double 👥 Fun Challenge!

💎💎 7,000 APX Staked Tokens!!! 💎 💎

‼️ So give us your best quality posts!
BE creative, original, and have fun‼️

You can win in two categories!
1️⃣ In... This Week’s Theme ✅
2️⃣ Or... Your Best Smile ✅


3️⃣ Double Chance 👥 Double Fun 😛😜

Created By The Winchester Team,
Aka @Sirwinchester’s Family 💚

How To Join The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge:

‼️📏THE RULES!!!📏‼️

1⃣ 🔹 Important Rules! Please use the hashtag 🔺#smileyappics for your entry so we can find your post.

2⃣ Post a Fun-Post...
You can win... in two categories!
1• The Week’s Theme ✅
2• With Your Best Smile ✅
All fun videos are welcome too!

3⃣ Every two weeks we, The Community Creators 👥, will set a new topic/theme to keep it fun and creative.
🔹 Each participant is allowed to submit...
TWO Entries per week...
Yes! That’s 4 entries for the whole Challenge🔹
( FOUR super chances to Win 🏆 )

4⃣ ‼️This Smiley Appics Fun Challenge will 🏃🏾‍♀run🏃🏾‍♂ from the 19th Saturday of December to the 8th Friday of January 2021, the 8th is when we announce the winners.‼️

You have three weeks to post and join in on the fun.

5⃣To all participants, be sure to share, upvote, and leave comments on other community members' entries, as well as, your own. We are sharing 💚Appics Love💚, so don't be shy with your upvotes.
We can all grow together.

So join the Fun! You could be one of the next winners! 💪🏽Let's Go!!!!...👊




🤩A Grand Total Of 7,000

🙀That’s Right! 😱

🚀 We’re taking you to the top... Then to the Moon‼️ 🌙

1⃣🥇1st Place wins and receives 2,000 Staked APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 👥

2⃣🥈 2nd Place wins and receives 1,600 Staked APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 👥

3⃣🥉3rd Place wins and receives 1,400 Staked APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 👥

4⃣🎖4th Place wins and receives 1,100 Staked APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 👥

5⃣🎗5th Place wins and receives 900 Staked APX Tokens for making us laugh and smile! 👥


Powered by APPICS - visit us at


WoW 🤩... that really wowed me. What a skilled team. 👌🏿✨🎊... we will give our best !!

Thanks 😊 Appics is the Best 😁

Thanks for the great feedback, we are happy to be able to wow you and our community. Looking forward to your entries man

What an amazing surprise! 🤩💥 Thank you so much 🙏🏾 the whole family came together to sing. Even harmony and marcello, mama, and claudine! 🎙 We have to make an APPICS list on Spotify. This is the soundtrack for the migration 💥 🔥 🚀 🌝 🎶

Thanks bro, we have many more songs to create to cement Appics' growth and legacy, looking forward to them when we make 'em, and it will be a great Playlist when we have accumulated enough material

Yes that is exactly what we were thinking when we recorded it. That’s we need a migration song to sing 🎤 all the way to the moon 🌙 🚀... We are so glad you liked the surprise 🎁👍

Hope you all enjoy this one for real 🙂 it was a lot of fun to make and perform.

That's so sweet 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗

Thank you very much 🥰


Thank you tatiana for saying so 😊

This song is lit 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎼🎤🎵
We surely make my entry man.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support man

Thanks we’re glad you love 💕 the song 🎶

I just love it 😄💯❤️...d(o.o)b... 🎶

Thanks man for all the love and support, we appreciate it and glad you can vibe out to this one. I want to hit the studio now, I'm hyped

What a successful surprise, great! I love this sound 😍but also have no idea for a video but
I'm absolutly curious about the entries to this challenge! 👀🔥

Thanks so much lerchen, so glad you love the sound, you can always just give us an entry of your smile, but if you know how to do graphic design or animate, just give it a shot. We look forward to the entries too

Thanks Lerchen 🎼 🎶

Wow this was amazing! So great to hear the whole smiley appics family coming together and everyone is singing - even harmony and Marcello! That was an amazing surprise thank you for doing this, writing and recording the song and putting so much effort into this! Great job 👏

My favorite bars from the rap verses were:

„APPICS is far from boring, you will never hear the crickets 🎶
Impact on social media’s truly without the limits! 💥
Never be afraid of heights, we’re Moonin’ to highest digits...“ 🚀🌙

This is so good 😎 👏

Thats my favorite verse too!😁🥰👍🎵🎶🎵🎼

Thanks so much agent, we appreciate you and the whole team, we really wanted to surprise you all with this early holiday gift. Feel free to use any of my lyrics for promotional purposes, we are family afterall 😎💪

Thank you my dear...

Thanks a lot, positive energy all the way, keep sharing your smile with us

😍😍😍☺️☺️☺️😁😁😁Thank you lonistellina

Haha 😆 your Smile 😃 is Welcome

Wow this sooo cool!! 🔥🔥Love the vibe!! The telos blockchain part sounds so funky and the rap part reminds me of LL cool J times 🙌🏼😊

Thanks bro, appreciate the love, definitely bringing good vibes to the table, we love that funky sound and yeah I got that west coast old school boom bap flow with the Influenced smoothness of the east coast origin of Hip Hop.

Thanks Felix 🤓 old 🎶 school style...

Part of smileyappics team 😮😮 . It is a great opportunity for us ❤️❤️ . Best luck for all . This song is great ☺️☺️

Thanks so much yes this opportunity is open for everyone, best of skill to you all, really glad that you find greatness in this song. I can't wait to make another one for our community

Thanks... Yes A new opportunity to try 😊

Omg I am obsessed! I had no idea 😍 The harmonies, the beat, the lyrics... so powerful! Can’t wait to see all the entries!!! 🙌🏼

Its so fantastic!🎵🎶🎼😁

It was hard to keep the secret from everyone lol especially you all, so happy to read your amazing comment, I can't wait either. We cna enjoy the song as we wait 😎

We’re happy the secret is out and you love it 😍

Oh Wow what a fantastic surprise, I loved this song so much great job from your beautiful family and you @verbal-d I'm sure @sirwinchester will be Blown away!!! Go Appics and Telos it will be a match made in heaven and I can't wait to migrate!! 🚚💨🚚💨🚚💨🎶🎵🎼🎵🎶🎼
I'm no good at singing and doing video but Will be happy to share some smiles 😊 😀 Good Luck everyone im looking forward to checking out the entries!🥰😁🎵🎶🎼🚚💨🎄🤶

Yes what a big surprise 🎁

We are so happy you enjoyed it 😊👍

Thats awesome 👌

You shower us with so much love and support since the beginning. Thanks a lot dear Karen. We can't wait either, and we look forward to your smiling entries. This challenge is going to be really interesting and exciting

Awe thanks you are very welcome and yes indeed I'm looking forward to it, always happy to support awesome projects here on Appics!!🥰😁👍

Really it’s a great opportunity for us👌 if i had no idea😍 the harmonies, the beat & the lyrics... I can only smile 😍😆😆 best of luck everyone 👍

Thanks... we are smiling too 🤓

Omg!!! Totally surprised and It's a great opportunity for us to be a part of smileyappics team..😍 btw love this song🤙

Haha that's great that we were able to surprise you so much. Yes it is an opportunity we are excited about. So glad you love the song thank you for being here with us all

Thank You 😊

What interesting ideas and opportunities, wow🤩

Oh thanks for your kind words and comment, appreciate your input and positive energy

Woahh! Love this.. the rap by @verbal-d is absolutely awesome 💯

Thanks a bunch man, so glad the lyrics could reach you, appreciate your awesome comment and support

Yes he’s very talented 😊

Asking permission for me to use the audio as my background music for my anniversary post. This is such an APPICS masterpiece!

Thank you very much for asking and the compliment. Of course you may use it for your anniversary post

Done with my entry 😊

Haha that cool looks like a face , love the music bro... I got some new beats for you if you want to give it another shot? Hit me up on telegram when you have some free time.

That's so great to hear bro. Can you find me on telegram bro, appreciate you man, definitely looking forward to new collabs and more music projects.

This is great and lovely😍. Can't wait to be a part of this.

Thanks so much for checking this out, glad you like it, we appreciate you, looking forward to your entries.

Thanks my friend 😊

Thank you so much for listening and checking this out

Now I can dance with this. 😍

That is great to hear, we are happy that everyone is receiving the good vibes from the song, thanks for listening and showing support always

Yes 🥰 have Fun 🎶

That's a Amazing idea 😍

hope you all enjoy this one for real it was a lot of fyn to make and perfrom

Yes it was a lot of fun to make... spreading our message with music 🎵

Why are you copying my exact comment above. Are you a robot account?

I love this! Great job! It has such a x-mas feel to it!

Thanks so much, yeah aiming for that feel good, holiday vacation stress free kind of vibe, so glad you enjoyed this one, much respect

Hit£!!!! Super cool ..

Thank you very much

That's amazing but I can't download the song & also didn’t get the lyrics. 🙁 can you upload it on youtube? It will be better I think

Yes we were planning to do that too. We will let you know when we are ready 👍

okey waiting. I already heard that from that side. Love.

Hey jaflex if you are using a desktop computer we browser for SoundCloud you should see the Telos Blockchain song on

Hit the button (... More) and the Download option should appear.

Also I have sent a message in the Appics Telegram group chat giving you the mp3 file there. If you still need help just ask.

Thanks, and looking forward to your entries

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