APPICS Blockchain Migration Update 💥

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“To some this may look like a sunset. But it’s a new dawn.”

Many of you have been eagerly waiting for an update regarding the migration to our new APPICS blockchain powered by Telos.

This week, we have reached a new milestone: the blockchain integration has been completed and now we have begun the internal testing! 💥

➡️ Currently, the migration status is as follows:

▪️Building the new blockchain: ✅
▪️New account registration process: ✅
▪️Easy sign-up with Facebook & Google: ✅
▪️New blockchain integration in the app: ✅
▪️Phase 1 internal testing: ⏳
▪️Phase 2 testing with ambassadors: coming 🔜

After sufficient testing, we will be able to release the new blockchain version to the rest of our community! 📲

We are coming closer and closer to the migration and our public launch.
I’m on my way to take the rocket 🚀 to the moon 🌙

Who’s on board with me?

„The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars."


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I’m in Bro 😎... Let’s go 🤩👌🏿✨🙏🏿

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride 🚀 💥

This news is too good!! Count me in.

Great to hear 💪🏾

Awesome news, wonderful picture! 🔥Cannot wait until the migration! 🥰🤩🔥

Thank you, we can’t wait either 💪🏾 🔥

Wishing all the best in appics and the people.

Thank you 🙏🏾 all the best to you too

For all of us., we need a strong support most especially the low earners. Let us give them chance to earn at grow together.

We are excited. @jaflex, @shakilsh, @kalam-jr @nazmul-islam are still talking about telos & appics. We all are waiting. We all love appics.

That’s really great to hear 🙏🏾 keep it up and let’s spread the APPICS movement even further!

Du bist ja unglaublich, jeder einzelne Kommentar beantwortet🤩.Was für eine Wertschätzung für jeden einzelnen, war für ein Vorbild. Ich freue mich auf die Zukunft mit appics (von der Technik habe ich nicht viel Ahnung, aber egal🤣). Vielen Dank für all dein Wirken🙏.

In unserer APPICS Familie ist jeder einzelne wichtig, egal ob neu oder erfahren, klein oder groß. Und ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar und Feedback von unserer Community.

Wir haben APPICS extra so entwickelt, dass man nicht wissen muss wie es genau funktioniert um es zu nutzen - und davon zu profitieren!

Vielen Dank DIR für deinen Kommentar und deine Unterstützung 🙏🏾

Du bist ein wunderbarer Mensch, danke🤩. Lg nach Zug (bist du immer noch da?)

That’s awesome news 🗞. 😍 Can’t wait til the World joins Appics.

Can’t wait either 🔥 good to have you on board 💪🏾

I will always be on Board 😉

I am with Appics 😇 Go ahead Appics 🔥

Thank you! 💪🏾💥

Count me in!!! Very exciting news and updates.. salute to the whole team 💋 can't wait! To the moon!!! 🚀

Thank you 🙏🏾 see you there 🚀 🌖

On board forever bro! Lucky to have been among the first ones to know abt Appics back then...nearly 3yrs...
Appics to the moon🚀🚀🚀

The first seed 🌱 was planted in Mauritius! 🇲🇺 thanks again for making our stay there so special. We appreciate you being so active on APPICS and even starting the Community in Mauritius! Looking forward to see you again bro

Guys YES! This is awesome news. 🍻
Thanks so much. This is going beyond the moon for sure. Super excited 😁
There is so much to look forward to with this, and more and more we can accomplish with this also.
I'm pumped for this ride!
Can't wait to see the future shock 🤯 to the present systems paradigm and Social dilemma we will all see and are tired of.
We are changing it with every little step we take and this is "one small step for users, but one giant leap for mankind!"
It's time to blow minds and take names for the long list of onboarding millions in the years to come.
👏Congratulations team an amazing accomplishment here!
🇱‌🇪‌🇹‌'🇸‌ 🇷‌🇮‌🇩‌🇪‌ 👨‍🚀 🚀

Exactly, couldn’t have said it better. All of us, this whole collective energy, is APPICS! And this is only the beginning, there’s more to come 💥
Thank you for all your energy and creativity for APPICS! 💪🏾

Awesomeness, indeed it is
✌️😎 thanks 🆒

Thank you 💪🏾 we appreciate your support and your efforts for the Italian community! 🇮🇹

Oh! I love reading these updates.
Good things are coming! 💥 🚀

This is amazing. It’s great to see you guys can finally go full throttle with the project.

Yes 💪🏾 we can’t wait to share it with everyone 🔥

I hope that more people will test Phase 2. For example, two to three people are selected for each country and tested.

Good idea, we will consider this. Of course we don’t want to leave out any countries. Especially our dear Korean community - when we’re able to travel again, we will come to a blockchain event in South Korea 🇰🇷

Always have, always will. Can't wait😍

Thanks for your support 🙏🏾

I'm really glad to be here with you guys ❤️
Appics have helped me learn a lot on other countries and on yourself as an individual 🔥
The Knowledge you gave me is just irreplaceable ❤️
Thanks Appics for this wonderful journey and more to come❤️
Sirwinchester please do let me know when you visit Mauritius again
we should meet for sure😍
Together as One, Stronger we stand🔥

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words, that’s great to hear! We can’t wait to come back to Mauritius 🇲🇺 it was absolutely beautiful

I am with you boss till the very end! Already cascaded to the Philippines community before even posting my comment here. Sorry for being late coz I just got off from work. Your update is so timely I just replied to an inquiry in the Telegram GC we have.

Guys, this is all what we have been waiting for. So honored to be one of the testflight together with my fellow Ambassadors. Let's do this guys.

Thank you fycee for your ongoing support, energy, and passion 🙏🏾and establishing our #appicsph community 🇵🇭

Ich bin auch sehr gespannt und freue mich auf das weitere Abenteuer👍😘

Vielen Dank, wir freuen uns dass du dabei bist!

You guys are doing amazing work. I'm so excited for Appics to become what I know it can be!!!

🙏🏾 thank you very much! This is only the beginning 🚀

With you from the beginning, And will be forever💪🖤

Thank you 🙏🏾 your support since the beginning is very much appreciated 💪🏾

Can't wait for this newest milestone of Appics. 😇👏👏👏

We can’t wait to share it with everyone 💪🏾

Forever on board sir! Congratulations ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you, much appreciated and we’re happy to have you on board!

great news👏, and symbolic picture with the starting space shuttle 🚀. i trust the remaining test phase will go well and the on-boarding of the community will go smoothly. i'm ready to take-off 😊🚀.

Schnall dich fest an und los geht’s 🚀 schön dass du dabei bist! 💪🏾

🙏ich freue mich darauf😊. du hast meinen wortwörtlichen "buy in".

Wonderful place 💖🥰
I'm waiting for Telos... have a good day sir😘

Thank you very much. Have a good day as well!

We all are with you sir. Eagerly waiting for the migration. Hope we are going to get e great result. It's time to tie the seat belt. Appics to the stars 🚀🌟

Thank you 🙏🏾 get ready for this journey to the stars 🚀

Wow,,amazing nature..😍♥

Yes it was a very beautiful place in a national park

Great news and wait for new updates and migration 💙😆😍😍😍

Thank you Tatiana! We can’t wait to test it together with everyone

I an on the board... How can I help? 🤛

Thank you! Spreading the word and onboarding your friends & family is always a great help!

Dann schnall dich fest an, die Reise geht los! 💥 🚀

mega Bild! Wie die Rakete startet und du ihr bei zusieht 💥

Bin gespannt und freue mich!!

Yeah - let’s add speed‘n‘functions to the #appics family

Some !beer please?

wow.. what a wonderful scenery 😍❤ enjoy sir..stay safe..have a great day sir❤❤

The style of the picture has been very beautiful.bro😍😍😍

Thank you very much

Wow, I'm ready to land on Moon with Appics, super excited🥰💞

Great to hear, thank you 🙏🏾

i am so excited.. 😍😍 waiting for this sir..🙏❤

We are excited to share it with everyone as well! 🔥

I can't wait to see this. I'm really excited. I made a video about this migration. I hope it will be amazing. Thank you sir. We are with appics from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

Thank you very much. We love our community in Bangladesh! 🇧🇩 sending many greetings

Yes Sir! Actually we all love appics. Even we @jaflex, @shakilsh, @nazmul-islam, & @kalam-jr are talking about appics from the evening. 7 p.m to still. Here is now 10.22 but we all are talking about appics at the same room. Thank you sir. Take love from Bangladesh.

😁 great to hear that you are so enthusiastic about APPICS! Keep up the good energy 💪🏾

That's great news for us. Can't wait move telos. We are really so exciting.💯.

We are very excited to share it with everyone as well 🔥

Yes we can’t wait either to share it with everyone! Exciting times ahead 🔥

For sure on board💯 can't wait to see the new features on the new chain 🔥🔥🔥💞

Thank you! Can’t wait to share it with everyone 💪🏾

Congratulation 🎉 to the Appics team for making us all happy with our passion rewarded 💕... We are ready for takeoff

Thank you very much 🙏🏾 fasten your seatbelts and get ready 🚀 💥

Yeaa ! Mind blowing picture💕

Am on board.
Appics to the moon🌕❤️💯

Appicsmru 🇲🇺❤️💯

Thank you! We love our community in beautiful Mauritius!


I'm excited to see Appics grow from a token.. to an ecosystem... Without a need to convert it to any fiat Currency & yet spend APX as a Currency 😍
I know it will take time & efforts... But we, as a Community can make it happen 🙌🏻

Exactly, the acceptance for APX tokens will grow, and it has already started with partnerships like @Jetlegs where you’ll be able to buy plane tickets with BTC and APX ✈️ 🌎 thank you for all your efforts and support to make APPICS grow 💪🏾 without the community we wouldn’t be where we are today

Thank you 🙏🏾 and we stand with you. I know the situation in Nigeria is difficult right now with the police, but don’t lose hope, use this time to stay home more and learn, until the situation has cooled off

I'm on board! And from today as an Ambassador too, looking forward to the testing phase! 🤩🚀

Perfect timing 😄 🚀 💥

We are so interested to see what comes out of this migration, I’m impressed the integration has been made already, which clears us from the wait. Thanks for the update.

You’re welcome and thanks for your support! We can’t wait to share the new blockchain publicly with the community!

Oh Wow! 🤯 this is such great news @sirwinchester !! I can't wait untill the phase 1 testing is over and us Ambassadors can start testing it out in phase 2 , hopefully the testing goes quick and we migrate to Telos Soon, My Bags Were Packed Yesterday, lol! 🤣🧳🚚💨I will be more then happy to jump on that Rocket Ship and join you to the moon and beyond, LETS GO!!🚀🛸🌘🪐🌠🌟💫🪐🌟🌖🚀🛸

Hey Karen, thanks for your kind words and your support as always! We can’t wait to test the new blockchain with more people and then release it publicly. It will be great! 🚀 💥

Yes indeed, I'm looking forward to it! Let's Go Go Appics!!🚀🚀🚀

Welcome to the APPICS family! 🤝

thats fantastic news and definitely im in and very excited to take off 😍😍😍

Awesome! Get ready for the ride 🚀💥

Thank you very much!

What a amazing picture!
Just wow😍

Nice to hear the updates from you. I was just thinking about why it's getting little bit late but now I am understanding that it's not late rather it's an easy and ongoing process going on behind this milestone. You rocket need some gases or fual. And I am I'm with you to to participate in a rocket to go to the moon. Thank you very much for sharing the updates regarding migration and hopefully we'll see this migration very soon as most of us are eagerly waiting for that. Thank you very much

i am on board!! and always on board ❤ appics to the moon🚀🚀

Happy to have you on board 🚀

thanks sir❤❤ i already post a appics logo with chocolate.. check it sir❤😍 have a nice day sir🙏🙏❤😍

Happy to have you on board 💪🏾

a leader who responds to all comments is a great leader. I am showing APPICS to all my friends. I will contribute to the diffusion of APPICS. APPICS is a great project and beautiful dApp. Currently is the Best dApp mobile in my opinion.

That’s great to hear. 🙏🏾 Thank you very much for your kind words, and spreading APPICS to your friends!

wow really so beautiful

Thank you!

Eagerly waiting for using the new blockchain and the updates.. See you on the moon🚀🎉

Just keep going.
Appics to the moon 🚀🚀🌙

Awesome,is really a great news proud to have you at the top sir,i'm fully in just can't wait for Appics migration to telos.
#let appics rule# #let it be part of the whole world#

This is so amazing, bro. Let's go, let's go there.

Really amazing sir😻

Wow very cool 🥰💕

This is so exciting! I just created my account and I love the design of the Appics App. 😍

When one door closes, another opens. Telos here we go!!!!

All the way to the top 🚀

Great to have you on board for this journey 💪🏾

Ich freue mich, dass ich als Ambassador dabei sein darf und die Idee im Osten Deutschlands verbreiten kann. Auf in eine neue Ära 🌙 😁 Bin gespannt auf dem Ambassador Test.

The best is yet to come!

Exactly 🙏🏾

Good shot photography

Perfect view 😉

Beautiful photo! Is that somewhere in Bali? It reminds me of some places I have seen there 😍😍