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We are continuously coming closer to our public launch and the migration to the new APPICS blockchain with many new updates to share.

A few days ago, we released an Android app update for an enhanced user experience!

It includes continuous scrolling through posts on our discovery page as well as on a profile, automatically sorting the discovery page by “trending” posts, and other performance improvements and bug fixes.

Read more about what’s included in this update below, as well as how to update your APPICS app to the latest version and a sneak peek about what awaits you in the near future 🚀

🔸 The Android enhanced user experience update features continuous scrolling, meaning that from now on when you click on a post on the discovery page or someone’s profile, you can simply scroll down to see more posts! This way, it is easier and more intuitive to explore content as you don’t have to go back each time you want to see the next post.

🔸 When you click on the discovery page, you might notice that all posts are now automatically sorted by “trending”.
You can simply switch to “hot” and “new” by clicking on it right above the category bubbles.
“Trending” sorts posts from the last 7 days by highest $ reward.
“Hot” sorts posts from the last 24 hours by highest engagement.
“New” sorts posts chronologically.



To update your APPICS Android app, please visit the Google Playstore, type in “APPICS” and click on the “update” button next to the app icon to install the latest version. 📱

❗️For all iOS users:

If you’re APPICS app says “beta expired”, don’t worry because a new update was already published! Simply go to your „TestFlight“ app and click on the update button on the right.

➡️ Contact our team at for any help!

I can’t wait until the migration to the new EOSIO Blockchain is complete and all blockchain features will function more than 4x faster than on the current Steem network. ⚡

We are happy that we’ve found a technology partner in Telos who supported us with the new blockchain solution, so thanks again to the whole Telos team for your efforts! 💪
Yet, this doesn’t mean that we will not implement cross-posting to other platforms in the future as well.

We have customized the reward mechanism and tweaked a few things, for example that people will be able to upvote posts who are up to 30 days old. This way you are less likely to miss someone’s post and it also gives people a longer time frame to earn on their content!
After upvoting, and even after 30 days, users will be able to donate directly to a content creator as well.

Do you know that moment when you upvote someone but it takes minutes for the rewards to show up? 🙇
This is also going to change! 🤯
With the new EOSIO blockchain, rewards from your vote will show up almost instantly after upvoting someone’s post.

And since we have our own blockchain now, we are even able to have other applications built on top of it. The APPICS ecosystem will grow and every developer can create their own dApp on our network - this is only the beginning! 🚀


Powered by APPICS - visit us at


Oh wow, this is so amazing @sirwinchester ! So if we can upvote up to 30 days does that mean post payouts will take 30 days as well!? The best is yet to come and I can't wait! Let's Go Go Go Appics/Apx to the Moon!! 🚀🚀🚀🌘 On my way to update the App for Android, love the new updates, exciting times ahead!🚀🥰👍👍👍

Thanks for sharing info. Now my iOS application works. About migration: EOS !!! My EOS account hasn't worked since January 2020, let's hope for the best and cross our fingers.

Cant just wait for EOSIO blochchain, it can only get very much better.

We’re always improving and looking for new possibilities to grow! Thanks for your continues support!

Just updated mine. It shows list of post, when clicking on a post in discovery page. It's easier to go through posts now.✌️😃

Glad you like the update! 🙏🏾

This is great 💫😃💥

Thanks for your feedback 🙌🏾

Really can't wait for the main launch🔥🚀.

Exciting times are ahead of us 💥

Thanks for the update and we will wait for the official launch.😇

The wait will be over soon 🙏🏾

King Winchester! Thanks for the continued work on the app

Appreciate your words! Looking forward to many new exciting app features in the future 😌

We are updating day by day but it is the happiness that we are updating too faster ❤❤

Exactly! We are constantly improving and growing! We always appreciate the power that comes from our APPICS family. This is just the beginning

This would be fun 😃☺️


Oh awesome thanks 👍 going to update now. Exciting times. ✌️😉

Sounds good 👌🏾 Enjoy the update!

App is now updated, Woot!! Let's Party!!🚀🎉🎊🧨🎊🎉🎇🎆

Awesome! Enjoy the update 😌

So beautiful shot

Appreciate it!

Ya. I hv already done it. & its so smooth 😶❤😁

Thank you for sharing your feedback! Glad you like the new update 🙌🏾


wowww.. awesome!! though til now i still cant see the update botton.. only 'uninstall' and 'open' - android user here... well as long as Im able to post and interact 👌 thats good enough 🥰 we are all going to the moon!! 🥰

It might take some time until the update button shows up, however, were you able to update your app now? If you need any support, feel free to message us on Telegram ->

still same 😊 will surely get in touch.. will wait for few more days... thank you for this great platform and all the efforts to make this better each day! ❤️

Exiting times coming up for the Appics fam!
Txs for all the efforts, time and love you and the team are investing in...for us all to enjoy.

Thank you! Appreciate your kind words. Sending good energy to Mauritius 🇲🇺

Wow it is so good

Happy to hear that!

This is an awesome development, i will go and update my Appics now and wait joyfully for the launch of Appics blochchain.

🙌🏾 sounds like a plan! 😉

This is awesome, just recently updated the app!

Great! Enjoy the update 😌

So much more fantastic news Tony ❤️📰Updates is great, more and more easy to use 😘


Ow ow,Creation of own dapp on Appics🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank you buddy for the update

Yes! More possibilities to grow, collaborate and change the world 🌎 🦾

Wooow, sounds absolutely great, I know EOSIO blockchains are fast as lightning.... 💯👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Can't wait, hehehe... Possible to build more dapps is definitely amazing.... I know who will not be amazed 🤣😂😅

Exactly! The new blockchain will be super fast and we can not wait to show you guys all the benefits! Exciting times ahead 💥🤫

Just awesome 🥰..I am just update my appics app🙏❣️❣️

Nice! 👍🏾

The kinda news I like to hear. Thanks!💪🏽💪🏽👌🏽


Congratulations! What a great achievement and what an incredible amount of work🎈

Thank you! Much more to come 💥🤫

Wow!! That’s great

30 days voting timeframe and donation after 30 days is simply amazing 😍 I know that Appics blockchain will be so fast and users will get amazing feelings 😍 great advancement 👍 we going to moon 🌜 in few days Insahallah🔥🔥

But my question to this is Do we have to wait 30 days for post payout!?🤔🤔🤔

I can’t wait for the blockchain migration, and the updates are cool too 🚀🚀🚀

Thanks for your feedback! 🙏🏾

I will now start analyzing Telos too! Thanks for this update 😍

My pleasure! There is much more to come 💥

go appics go to the moon 🔥🔥

🌕 that’s the path 😉

Some nice features has been added. I like the performance improvement in discovery button. Waiting for upcoming blockchain. It will be great

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We love to hear your thoughts 💭

Wow 🤩✨this amazing bro :)! I can’t to see all news live 🤩✨😍

Me neither! This will be very exciting 💥

Nice to hear. Thx! 👏

Congratulations Appics Team,
Soon More Exchanges will list Appics Coin, we can see Appics to the Moon and More Dapps will be created on the Appics Blockchain.

That’s right! 🚀🔝

Thanks for good news. My old old dream to break away from evil source justinsun seem to become reality soon. Thanks !

Thank you 🙏🏾

So will the new blockchain be implementing Steem code on top of EOS? Or did you build it from scratch? Sounds awesome that others can build dApps on it as well. How will we be able to trade APX in the future? Will there still be a bridge to Steem or even Hive (besides the cross-posting)?

Hey Flauwy, yes the blockchain was built from scratch. APX will be tradable against BTC and EOS. And no there won’t be a gateway/bridge anymore, besides cross posting

I have just updated. Thanks and more appics improvements! 👍

This is nice!

💥🚀🎆 Nice!

I love these updates!

This is Great ♥♥

Wow....this is amazing🤩

Bravo. The party just got started

Great app And I’m really happy to join appics

Yeees🔥🔥! Exciting😁!

So dope! I’m just tight that I recently got an iPhone 🤣... I’m sure the IOS app will follow soon! Amazing news, expansive work per usual. Continue to thrive!

Perfect 👌🏾 congrats ❤️🥳🥰we are super proud of you guys 🙏🏾

Already update done!

Sir, are you remember the event of "token fest in San Francisco"
I have made a video on this event and uploaded today. And take part #appicssongchallenge also through this video.

So amazed what your team is achieving and so much respect! Let’s go to Venus 💓🧡💗