VOTE now for APPICS as the best dApp 📲 in the blockchain awards on Uptrennd 🏆

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Dear APPICS Family!

VOTE now for APPICS as the best dApp

Uptrennd, a blockchain-based blogging site where you get rewards for sharing content, is currently holding the global blockchain awards and APPICS is nominated in the category „best dApp“.
Vote for APPICS 🗳 and let’s show them how strong & active our global APPICS family is 🌎

At the Moment, APPICS is on a close 2nd place with just a few % difference to the 1st place!
Come on guys, VOTE ✅ we can do this 💪

➡️ All you need to do is create an Uptrennd account and then vote for APPICS for the “best dApp” blockchain award here:

The Link is also in my APPICS Profile and on ❗️

Thank you to everyone who voted already. In union there is strength and with the power of everyone we will make it to the top 🔝 let’s spread the word, share this poll with your Friends and Family, and get some more votes in 🚀

Let’s go 🔥

And by the way: don’t forget that you can invite your friends to APPICS through your own personal referral link!

Use this URL:

➡️ ⬅️

and make sure to replace "YOURUSERNAME" at the end of the URL with your own APPICS username to setup YOUR personal referral link💥
The 3 users who onboarded the most new users in 1 month get rewarded with exclusive APX token prizes!

We’ve had more than 700 new users join through the referral program alone in the past month, and a User growth rate of 20% in total!
Our global family is growing 🌎💙


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And more downvotes for you! Blacklisted betrayer.

Already done...i hope we are winner... Becous Appics is the best... 💪💪💪

Yes. We do what we gotta do

Exactly 🦾

I love APPICS😕

Happy to hear that! 😊🙌🏾

Im happy to have all ready voted, Go Go Appics!

Thank you, Karen! 💪🏾💥

I voted yesterday 😉Its a tight race

It is! That’s why we have to come together in order to reach the top 🦾 we’re close 😎

Just did ! Been there since Day 1 through @lemon-shot !

Amazing 🙌🏾💥 Thanks for the support!

APPICS is the best💙💚💛

🙏🏾 Let’s show them how strong our community is 🔥

What are the uses of APPICS ... ??
Is the way to enjoy the same as steemit

APPICS is a mobile application for iOS and Android, while Steemit is browser-based and more focused on blogposts and text.
APPICS is built for sharing visual content like photos and videos, has a familiar interface and is intuitively to use.
On APPICS, you earn 2in1 tokens: both APX and STEEM. (This goes only for posts made or upvoted through the APPICS app, on steemit only steem rewards can be earned).
You login to APPICS with your existing Steem account.
One more critical difference is that on APPICS, content is filtered in 20+ categories - and we have judges for each category that specifically curate high quality content.

whether at APPICS is also free to write like in steemit, or just video content

You can write also content on videos, pics etc...

Appics is the best.❤❤


Already voted.,

Awesome 💪🏾

Obviously i will vote for my beloved APPICS today ❤❤ go ahead APPICS 🔥🔥

Happy to hear that! Let’s go 💥

Already voted, awersome news, we can be the first 😍

Everything is possible! Let’s tell our friends and family members to vote and push APPICS to the top! 🔝

Agreed with you 100%😍🙏✌️lets do it✌️

It's not the best dapp.
No progress for months. Difficult to post and vote. No new features.

Hello @oldtimer, we have released updates for both iOS and Android last week that fixed the uploading issues and also included new features on both platforms.

Since I'm new here I still have to give time to know how it goes sirwinchester. Some critics say that Application has been sams since ages. But from the time I'm on this platform i saw some key updates. Important ones. Hence i consider voting for APPICS this time. I hope you guys bring some dope moves of your team onto this platform. All the best guys-Keep rocking!!

No worries! I appreciate your feedback. Take your time to get to know the platform. Thanks for being a part of the movement 🙏🏾

Let's win this, together we can

Vote vote vote 💪

Let’s go 🔥

Every positive vote is well deserved!! Great app!