📣 APPICS App Updates for enhanced user experience!

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Dear APPICS Family! Today, we released an iOS app update for enhanced user experience.

Read more about what’s included in this update below, as well as how to update your APPICS app to the latest version!

(And for all Android users: we released a new android update last week as well. Visit your playstore app to install the latest update from there 👍)

➡️ The iOS enhanced user experience update features continuous scrolling - meaning that from now on, when you click on one post on the discovery page or on someone’s profile, you can simply scroll down to see more posts! This way it’s easier and more intuitive to explore posts, and you don’t have to go back everytime when you want to see the next post.

➡️ We also added a new category tag, so when you scroll through your feed, you can see a small colorful dot under each post - click on the dot to reveal the category this was posted in, and then click again on the category label to view all posts in that category.

➡️ Another new feature is that from now on, video posts will automatically start playing (without sound) in the discovery page and on the feed. This way you can see a preview of the video before actually clicking on it!

➡️ When you visit the discovery page now, you might notice that posts there are automatically sorted by “trending”.
You can switch to change the order between “trending”, “hot” and “new” at the top, above the category bubbles.
“Trending” sorts posts from the last 7 days by highest $ reward.
“Hot” sorts posts from the last 24 hours by highest $ reward.
“New” sorts posts chronologically.
⚠️ This also means that if you have just posted a new post, you have to click on the “new” tab at the top to find your new post on the discovery page!

Full list of new features included in this update:

🔸 Continuous scrolling through posts in the discovery page and in the profile
🔸 Category labels and category discovery under each feed post
🔸 Automatic preview for all video posts
🔸 Discovery page posts automatically sorted by “trending”
🔸 Animated brands section
🔸 Bug fixes, for example video player bugs

❓ How to update to the latest iOS version of the APPICS App ? 💭

To update your APPICS iOS app, please visit your app “TestFlight” and then click on the “UPDATE” button next to APPICS to install the latest version 1.21.3 (195) ✅

📱 Enjoy these new updates for both iOS and Android, more updates with exciting features coming soon!

Have a great weekend everyone 👋


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Wow this is cool and crazy 👍

Thanks! 😁

I have waited so LOOOOOOOOOOONG for this with my APPICS alt-account @lemon-shot !

Thanks a lot to all the @appics team.

Keep it going @sirwinchester !



Here I am already browsing 😂😂😂

Thank you! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the update!

New values with Venus stationary in gemini. Also new learning.

Shifting to the age of Aquarius! ♒️

Have actually updated mine today too....pretty cool 😎

Thanks! 😁👍

It is so good

It's really great one 👌

Glad you enjoy it!

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