Little reminder ☑️ Hey everyone, I want to share some important infos duo to the ...

in APPICS2 years ago

... upcoming updates. Please make sure you have stored your APPICS password safe and probably twise. You need your PW to access into your account/wallet and you will need it for the Tokenswap to the Telos Blockchain. With freedom comes responsibility, not your keys not your tokens. APPICS do not store and will not store your key, please always keep this in mind 🙂Happy posting everyone ⭐️


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Did you mean private and active keys 🔑 🤔

Thanks you so much for this reminder👌

We need privat key and Posting key, right?

Your Steem active and private key is are the most important ones

Great 👌 thank you for so important information 💯✌️😊👍💙

Not your keys = not your money

This is one thing I have been wanting ti hear. All keys are on lockdown 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Thank you so much for this reminder! Safely stored from the first day! ✔️

Great work..bro👌👌

wow..thanks to your valuable information dear🙏❤❤

wow.. that's great.. good shot..

Yeah active key 👍👍

Great advice!👍👍👍

I have stored them safely 😍

Thanks for the reminder bro 🤔

Thanks for your valuable information. After watching your post I was just thinking what is my password but its steem posting key and active key. I shall store it twice so that I can't lose my account value although which is not big so far. Thanks again for the reminder. And the post photo is nice looking

Thank you very much for the information 👍

I have stored them safely

Thanks for the reminder!

good job and thanks for your important informations ❤

yeh bro 😇 thanks a lot 🙏

Already recovered my keys dear 😇

thank you for the reminders🙌🙌

Great reminder.

Thx for the info 😃

great shot

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