Piazza San Marco in Venice Italy 🇮🇹 Hope everything goes back to normal in Italy ...

in APPICS • 3 years ago

... very soon. People need culture and reconnect with each other. This country has some much to offer.


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We going to be at lake Garda in August. Let’s hope for the best 😃

Joining you..pls can I?

Awesome shot, You are so right! Italy is on my bucket list for hopefully next year, im glad to at least see pics here on Appics from around the world in the mean time, it's awesome!

And I will pay my Pizza with APX 😁

Haha, thats the best partmy friend, total awesomeness!

It was such great news to see that the price of Apx trippled overnight I had to post and Boast about this morning, lol!! Go Go APX/Appics I will see you on the moon!

am proud of appics team...massive pump in price

Yes indeed, its fantastic!!

Praying for the world

Wow so beautiful...what a place,,,

What a Stunning photography😍😍😍

Awesome snap 👌👌

You are so right 👍👍

Beautiful shot 👌👌

Amazing place..🙂😍

Yeah,you're right

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