We finally went for a walk🥳.. and there i discovered a wild beehive. I could only ...

in APPICSlast year

... see a few bees there so i gathered all my courage and dared to come closer........Not because it is hard, we do not dare, but because we do not dare, it is hard-Seneca-


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Love this shot! Bees are so important!🥰🐝

wow you go so closer to it although it is so dangerous task 😎

How close you was! Was there honey exist?

Wow so nice

I have this experience. But there was lot of bees and one of them had gifted me a bite 😐

Very close shot... Thanks for sharing


Interesting, I have never seen a wild one😳


Very amazing shot! Bees are very important of our nature.

Hmm very Nice a few bees 👌👌

Good Shot..👌👌👌

Thank you for sharing👍

Really so beautiful

I guess the bees left it cause I can't see honey there...anyway you proved it again you are tooo brave 😍

I think no honey in this comb ??

Amazing shot!Bees are so important

I'm fascinated by your photography. But how are you taking this picture in front of the bees👌👌

great photo

Wow..Honey 😍😍❤

Who doesn't like honey. Everyone likes it. And it looks so good.💯😍

You are very brave..It is better to stay away from bees which are very dangerous.

Beautiful bee home🏠

you have the courage, i never tried to be near a beehive coz i stung by bee once and it hurts a lot

Beautiful but i am scared

Oneday, a little bee bite in my hand.
After seeing this photo,i remember that😅

Beautiful home of bee ,😁, are you scared? When you get close it.

Bee hives, only brave people can take pictures from so close. Truly you are a brave man friend👌✌💞

so close capture!!! Stay safe dear😳

wow...beautiful captured😍😍

At first, I thought it was a snake skin

Wow, very nice, good shot 👌😁

You are definitely so courageous my dear .... Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

  • George S. Patton

I like it ☺