Johnny Grant (actor and producer) and i (mother, grandmother, wife, professional, ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... housewife, cook, nurse...etc😉) at Madame Tussauds in LA. He was honorary mayor of Los Angeles and unveiled many stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame......The meaning of life is not to be a successful person, but a valuable one. -Albert Einstein-


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Congratulations to him👏👏. Wait, you were a nurse, wow!!!. So happy to know that, the hands that cares😘😘. Adding value is my goal now. Thanks for sharing the quote.

You are right, a valuable person. This precious man needs to be on earth.

He is very intellient,he is one of favorite person

Wow.Amazing moment it is 😍

well spoken👍 if you are valuable, success will automatically come towards you

you are very talented person..i know

🙈😊...... All i wanted to say that each of us is precious🤗

Two extremly talented persos 😍😍

Lovely moment.. I think you like to recall this sweet exciting moment..

Yes like that after a football match a scorer gets man of the match but the valuable one is he who make the game from midfielder. I don't know do you watch football or not.

Great time with the Mayor 😍 you are looking so funny in this picture 😁

Many thanks😊

It's true. How many people know johnny grant but a lot of people know those star who unveiled by him

..if you are too hot, he will melt, haha....enjoy...

So beautiful looks and nice shot

wow looks so very beautiful 😍😍

He is very intelligent, he is not comparable, he is one of my favorite person💞💞💞

what a moment it was ❤

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