Pasta with a sauce of lemon juice, cream and grated cheese....quickly made and really ...

in APPICSlast month

... delicious 😋......The discovery of a new food promotes human happiness more than the discovery of a new star-Anthems Brillat-Savarin-


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Looks very delicious, yummy😍

Looks very delicious, yummy 😍

This food looks delicious 😋😋😋

OMG!! I want to eat 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Delicious food😊😊

Can I taste?

It looks delicious 😋

Sehr sehr lecker! wir raspeln noch etwas 🍋 Schale rein 😉👋

Attractive food😍😍 I like it😍

Wow, this food is amazing! Really good!! It looks appetising... Love to have a bite😁😁

I also love pasta 😋😋😋..and your pasta is looking yummy 👌

The food looks very tasty. If I could eat

Wow 😮this food looks delicious😋😋😋

Congratulations yummy 😋

So beautiful👌

wow Yummy 🙄 this food is amazing 😍😍 make me hungry..😥

That looks so yummy. I'm getting hungry

One day you will invite us.. For your yummy food..


Delicious 👌👌

It looks delicious, yummy..

It's really delicious. It looks like a lot of food. It's one of my favorite foods.😘😘😘😍😍😍

So nice and tastay


I'm hungry after seeing it😥

Wow😮this food looks delicious😋😋😋

so yummi pasta 😍😋

Mmmm looks so delicious, I am starving now!

Yummi pasta 👌 just wow 😍

OMG!! Im starving

this food look delicious

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