A day at the sea frees my mind and let me reflect on the essential......The most ...

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... essential thing is that we are what nature has determined us to be. We are always too much what people want us to be-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-


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Wonderful place to be, good shot👍

Just that. Beautiful place!

Wow! Amazing place for spending time.😍😍

It's really a beautiful place to me for swimming with..🤗

Really beautiful place...great shot 👌

Great shot 👌

Great one 👌

Wow,,so beautiful sea.

Beautiful photography...nice place👌

Aamazing snap😊😊

I also love sea beaches...you take it more beautifully 😍😍

View of the sea,blue sky and tree looks so amazing 😍 what a shot 👍

Amazing place 😎...great shot 👌👌

such a beautiful view 😍

beautiful shot👌

Wow,,it's so amazing view..🙂🙂🙂😍😍

Beautiful place. Good shot

I have tbis feelings, whenever I see your pictures about croatia, I feel am already there. Gonna make these feelings a reality oneday, someday. Fantabulous shot!!!😘🙌

Beautiful place

This place is beautiful to look at. Good shot

So beautiful view and nice shot📸

What a Beautifull nature

Fantastic Seaside view