MY PASSION : Passion is something which reflects your intense desire to something ...

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... or limitless enthusiasm. For example, if you love photography, you will always take beautiful pictures and you will never feel bored. On the other hand, you will also try to improve your skill and slowly you will be strongly connected with it.

Now, what is my passion? If I try to explain it in one word it will be "Architecture", I am strongly connected with it and very passionate about it. If I wanna describe it more skeptically then I would say I love doing interior works.

Now, this picture completely represents me, I love traveling, I love blogging and vlogging so slowly blogging and vlogging became my current passion. I enjoy my blogging journey along with architecture.

Thanks to @hauptmann for this #mypassion challenge...




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Love this!! Good luck ❤️💙

Thanks dear..

thank you so much Priyan for participating in the challenge and sharing your passion with us. I love that you included the definition of passion and your post is showing you how I knkw you. very well structured and always prepared👊🏼I am really looking forward meeting you somewhere in the future and we can make some vlogs together🙏🏼have a wonderful day

I think we will meet soon because you don't live far away from me, I just need a good opportunity to visit there.. Hopefully soon we will meet and thanks again man for this contest..

Thank You @priyanarc for being a loyal supporter of @onelovedtube!
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