Philip had a challenge today, urine test; unfortunately he couldn't get the right ...

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... amount and we had to wait for 2 hours with 1.5L of water taken, just to get the body to urinate the right amount!

Fortunately we are not alone with this challenge.

So it seems all the seniors had trouble urinating the right amount today.

Apart from the boring wait, it was very good to see seniors chatting happily regardless of race.

We were born in a time when politicians did not use racial difference to keep us separated and divided.

We had all 3 race, Malay (Muslim), Chinese (Taoist / Christian) and Indian (Hindu / Christian) sat together in a coffee shop eating our own favourite food and no one complained of racial / religion violation. That never came into our minds.

Just like now we as seniors still do not take race as a problem. This Chinese uncle was sharing how half a carton of beer could end up getting a person so dehydrated besides intoxicated and the suffering of the next day, and the Malay uncle on the wheel chair laughed all the way, and later lifted up his paper cup full of water cheering "yam seng" (bottoms up) with everyone else suffering and trying to drink more water to urinate.

We oldies know what is humour and what is serious. And we appreciate a suffering company to laugh together.

Will the young people we eventually leave behind to take care of this earth be as joyous and less taken personal in the future?

Cheers from the old folks,
Philip and René


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