Feeling Surreal, but calm... On Thursday we had a scare for René's left cornea, just ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... now my daughter showed me this message.

It has been a journey of so much uncertainty ever since I was told I had cancer; and when I was supposed to be scheduled for surgery on 30 March, COVID-19 struck our land and everything was closed down.

Just when I was wondering will my prayer ever come true, to be able to have the surgery before Rene's cornea transplant, God has planned it all out for me.

Now I am not sure what to feel, but I think I will finish off my YouTube Hong Kong series I just found out and then go ahead with God's blessing.

I won't be able to confirm if I can go with the surgery until I pass both COVID-19 test and General Anaesthetics test.

I pray all will go well, then I can be less of a burden for my children when one worried is settled behind us.

We will go through this storm together.

Appreciate if you will keep me in your thoughts and prayers too.



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