After a lot of you asked, I've decided to upload a teaser of our most popular vi ...

in APPICS • 4 years ago

... deo!!
It's called 'Love, Sex, Drama' - "LSD"
The whole video is available on YouTube!

Thanks to the APPICS-Family for all the support the recent days, you're all great!


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Awesome video bro. And the song is great. Reminds me of Chet Faker and Hippie Sabotage.
Would love to collaborate on something, we vibe the same sound.

Totally!! So glad I could bring Jan to our “Gang”

Indeed the future is bright over here with the Appics gain gang,😉👍🚀🎶🍻

Seen it yesterday on Utube! Loved it and subscribed to your chanel, also following you!! Great job my friend!!🥰🥰🥰

Such a cool song‘ mooooore please



Niiice and legit! 😎👏🏻

Again, enjoyed watching it even on YouTube. Posted comment there too. 😍

Yep.. watched this on YouTube & loved it! 😍😍

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