Today I went to Café Einstein for breakfast with a friend. It was his birthday a ...

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... few days ago and that was my present to him. It was so delicious and everything was vegan. We then went for a walk in Ulm. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm and there is also the highest church tower in the world, the "Ulmer Münster" with a height of 161.53 m.


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Yummy way to start your day indeed

We were so full after that breakfast. I skipped lunch 😀

Ja, ja, der Schneider von Ulm ist dort glaub ich gestartet 😁. Der Schneider von Ulm hat's Fliega probiert - No hot'n der Deifel en d' Donau nei g'führt 🤣😂😜

Wow, was ist denn das fluffige rechts?😋

Das sind vegane pancakes u

Wow that's awesome 💞