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... ‘Save and Hodl what you’ve earned from your Social Media accounts, whether its Steemit, Hive or Appics.There will be a moment that the price of these social media tokens will increase’this quote refers to my all time suggestion of not milking your earnings from a post every week but rather HODL your earnings for some time even months or year and wait for an exact moment to gain high rewards for your patience and also for all users who use these social media platforms.If you cash out your rewards daily or weekly you will never grow nor earn some good rewards unless you are a HUGE whale or investor. For Appics, you are making a huge mistake to cash out your APX at this price and will never grow if you dont save and grow your influence. So many people tell me, Mauricio I can’t have the luxury to make savings of my social media earnings, I need them, well fair everyone has different needs however this will make your rewards, influence and upvote value in the low on any social media based on Blockchain.Perhaps you should reconsider your strategy and other income aside from these social media, even youtubers have different icome/profit models, they dont depend 100% of their videos and Adsense monetization.Have a great day Amigos


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Absolutely Agree with you! This is just the start of a huge revolution in Social Media Platforms & the mindset should not be of cashing out; infact it should always be about being able to use te token as a currency in the future! Can't say about Hive/Steemit, but i believe i will be able to buy a Starbucks Coffee withy APX tokens directly one day, without having to convert it to my local currency! This is my belief and i feel most user's should have this approach too..

Appics is just getting started!! So much good things are about to happen

Yes. We should not sell our apx tokens it help us to grow.

Very wise words

I compared it to the seed of a tree in my video. For example, if there is a tree from a seed and we eat all the fruits of that tree, then we have no other species from that tree. But if we collect seeds from the fruits of those trees then we get the number of trees and from those trees we can get a lot of fruits.

Very nice Analogy and so true!! Have a great day

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