My Face after a Scary Earthquake Hit Mexico City. The whole city was abruptly shaking ...

in APPICSlast year

... and the power and Wi Fi are even now unstable, lots of people are outside their homes waiting for inspection on structural damages. Im lucky to be able to post right now on Appics. I HATE EARTHQUAKES.


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Stay safe buddy 🙏 i hope it wasnt very bad on the Richter scale..

Stay safe brotherly

Good looking

hope you and your family is safe🙏🏼

We are safe!! Thanks for your message

Stay safe with your family... Take love ❤❤

Thank you so much

Stay safe please

Espero que estés bien, menudo susto no???

Tremendo susto porque estuvo muy fuerte pero aun asi los daños y víctimas fueron menores a hace 3 años donde sentí que se iba a abrir la tierra y desafortunadamente mucha gente perdió la vida

Thanks!! The worst is over

Looking so good

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