My sincere respect to all strong women in our community! #signofthetimes #deeplines ...

in APPICS2 years ago

... of those past #decades with too many stones on my path BUT it was lots of fun to make an #dApp @appics.official #ambassador video the other day in my home, even though I am shy to “talk” to a camera. I’m actually a “lousy” speaker in public 🤪I prefer backstage but I did it and hope you will like the photos we took at the same time .....#cryptospace #appics #appicsaustria #appicsindonesia @dendysinatria #cryptobrunches #cryptobrunch photo by @timderwalker for @cryptoblogging arranged by partner @manncpt


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Me too 😘 I like strong women. Having to love, forgive, let go, and persevere only makes you stronger 💪

It’s just going on and on and on ......


I know, hang in there 💐🙏🥰🤗big hug 🤗

You are one of them !!! Big hugs back to you

Aww, you are so kind. Bless you 😇

More blessings on our way 🌀

Always a pleasure mama 😉❤️🙏


Yeah, most of the people feel shy to talk in front of camera!

camera ok but shooting videos is not my favourite........for sure I stop with any more social media trends like tik tok or snapchat....enough is enough

True but it’s all a question of getting used to it

Wow nice lifestyle. beautiful photography

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