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A Poetic Experience
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india’s call - 30.11.18

in this day and age, who holds
keys to love, and who, too, molds
broken hearts if not we all?
will you answer india’s call?

gurus wait atop a mountain,
full of love, just like a fountain
overflows with water blues.
seek, for there’s nothing to lose.

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self-destructive - 24.07.19

rules have seemed to miss these streets -
discomfort and increased heartbeats
flood me from within without;
i will find it hard, no doubt,
to accustom to these ways.
what awaits me are long days
in the heat of self-destruction.
please do guide me, give instruction,
for alone i'll fail to see
delhi's dimmed out poetry.


the streets of delhi - 24.07.19

honking cars and shiva's song -
this journey was beyond long,
but now i sit somewhere in this city,
trying to gather suiting words and be witty,
but speechless is my ego now -
namaste - i bow, i bow.

scorching heat - hydration yells.
everybody hustles, sells
what they can; they force feed you -
from within, this famous view
overwhelms and strips you nude.
here, you don't know who is rude
and who's sole desire is
to ease your life with their bliss.


heart's at ease - 24.07.19

over seas -
i'm usually not one that's hard to please,
but here it seems that my heart's not at ease -
why is the world we live in so diseased?

slow it down -
you will get to witness peace in each town
you travel to after here, so that frown
must go immediately or you will drown

over seas -


my polluted skin - 24.07.19

i can feel loneliness creep in,
settle down deep within
the cells of my polluted skin -
to miss their beauty is to sin.

if i drop my ego, things
will go well; as shiva sings
me to sleep, krishna brings
meaning to it all.


papaya juice - 24.07.19

krishna café;
over the day
i prefer the busy night -
postcards don't depict the sight
of these streets from rooftops;
terraces of choice.
papaya juice aids in reinforcing my voice.


one month - 25.07.19

one month stares me in the face -
life's eternal if this pace
keeps us; everything is rushing slow.
sitting back, i let the show
simply move in harmony.
for the tears, please pardon me.


trapped in thoughts - 25.07.19

trapped in thoughts; what good comes from
always postponing freedom?
for fulfilment to grow wings,
you must change a dozen things;
closed hearts never will allow
love to enter in, and how
can it be attracted to
a hater of their own self; you?


delhi - 25.07.19

shukriyaa shiva - thank god for the air conditioner behind me, without which relief from the scorching humidity of the night would be impossible. my train of thought got delayed; perhaps it crashed somewhere in the jungle of delhi's streets, who knows? either way, i am speechless at the sight, the scent, the sound, the touch and the taste of this city; everything resembles the most harmonious chaos known to man - a daily reality for millions.


indian poetry - 25.07.19

too many faces i've seen
with an expression of pain -
breathing in their energy
infiltrated each vein
of my body with this
neurotic mindset that i
currently find myself in,
trying hard not to cry.

i know that i must let go
of it all and see through
the physical poverty,
but i just cannot seem to
be able to not obsess
over that which i see
in a negative way;
this is indian poetry.


lodi garden - 26.07.19

distilled nature from the past -
busy cities shadows cast
on the faces of the now.
to experience bliss, allow
not your liberty to bore;
call a truce and end the war.

endless stories roam these streets;
curiosity, too, meets
eyes of local passerbys -
clouds reside amid the skies,
offering protection, and
of me nothing they demand.


eternally free - 26.07.19

oh, to be eternally
free from all adversity
would without a doubt...


to feel alive - 26.07.19

must we wilt to feel alive?
perhaps so, and thus i dive
into the unknown - how
will tomorrow, from the now,
differ - greatly, meaning i
will no longer be the sky,
weeping tears of internal
sadness, for the external
makes me weak and feel minute?
near the lake, there with a flute
will be someone you will meet -
parting might cause great defeat,
but if all must end, just know
that misery you needn't show.


the fleeing - 27.07.19

and so i flee this land for good -
i'm disgusted with the mud,
with the noise and the lack
of street rule - oh, to go back
to the known is my wish.
frankly, i prefer the dish
i myself prepare at home;
perhaps i amn't made to roam
these parts of the world; for sure
blessed are not the poor.


dried up - 28.07.19

i'm all dried up;
all my tears have already been shed,
and i feel tied up;
because of handcuffs, my mind has bled.
i wish i could light up,
for dark thoughts dwell in my head.
sometimes i write up
these poems without which i would be dead.

countless paths
i have walked on to find a way,
and whenever i find someone
to walk alongside me, they always go astray.

perhaps i was made,
or have evolved to be alone;
well, whatever the case,
i'm counting my days,
for they are all i own.


cashmere tobacco - 29.07.19

on nights like these
i tend to try
delete the me
i know
and become
some kind
of fucking

i have been
walking the road
of sober thoughts
this week, and
i thirst to say
the least, the most,

i somehow
found myself in
india -
in the dirty streets
of religious
who would sell
you their wallet
to put your money
inside of it.

and the vehicles

for christ's sake!
listen to me when
i say that i am
not interested
in your cashmere


straight - 29.07.19

like the society
that died.


hostel - 29.07.19

there is no hot water
in this hostel.
and no toilet paper.
the walls are peeling,
the doors look taped
to the wall, and the
bed sheets have
holes in them.

there are rules though:

check inn time 1200 hours
check out time 1100 hours
payments should be made in advance
luggage should be left at luggage store and no valuables must be left inside after checkout
no valuables should be left unattended
guests are requested to keep silence inside dorm
outsiders are not allowed in hostel premises
please help us to keep the hostel clean and hygienic. thank you

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