🍁🍂🐿Pumpkin soup🟧 After a beautiful autumnal walk in the forest, which took at ...

in APPICSlast year

... least 10,000 steps, a hearty pumpkin soup is just the thing. The first Hokkaido soup for me this year. Refined with oat cream, hemp seeds and figs.

What is your favorite soup?🍁💚🌱


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Delicious lunch treat for real foodies

I liked this picture very much and it will be personal. I like it a lot😋😋

Food can be also an art and you probed that...😍

Alluring & Attractive food 💕 This food name???

pumpkin soup 🎃😍

best photography..❤

Crazy combination with the figs 😍!
Barley soup is my favorit but I like mostly all soups

Never tried a pumpkin soup. As for my favorite soup, it's hard to choose which one but I really love Sinigang. It's a sour and savory Filipino soup. Perfect for rainy season here in Ph. ❤️☺️

Looking so yummy

I was already hungry after seeing your soup. I would be very happy if you send your soup to me now

Wow really nice food

Wow wow wow! Not just healthy & delicious but also achingly beautiful to see that Beautiful plating ☺️

My favorite soup is a Cream of mashroom soup🍲 But I want to eat your made pumpkin soup 🎃😋

wow so teasty food

Delicious and healthy food. Looks nice😋👌

Looks yummy😍

Why does this look so fire? I would love to have this right now this very moment. Thanks for the recipe. My favorite pie is Pumpkin pie, it's not vegan but it has sentimental ties to my wonderful grandma and my best friend who taught me their recipes. Great presentation lonistellina 😁

Nice pumpkin soup😊

I hate pumpkin . But i want to try it one time

pumpkin soup is definitely delicious 😋 for me i love corn soup

Nutritious 👍

Mine didn‘t look as good😊. Have roastet the seeds with rosmarin and salt for the first time, they were nice too😋

Oh Yes! Looks delicious, the perfect soup for fall!😋🎃

Looks so delicious 😋

looks so yummi 😋

Soup of Pumpkin 😍 looks so yummi 👌 it is the result of your hard work ❤

Never tired this......but looking yummy .....😋😋😋

Looking so delicious 😋

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