ˢᵉˡᶠᵐᵃᵈᵉ|Same food, different day.🌱 I don't have time to cook fresh every day either. ...

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... Especially then - on days like today, rainy and labour-intensive, because I am writing a judgement again - I am glad not to have to cook, because there is still some left over from the day before. That's the reason why I basically cook more, so I also profit from it on other days. Granted, often the food tastes even better the next day😁💚


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Hast schon von der #MyPassion challenge von Hauptmann gehört? Mein ja nur, kochen und essen könnt ja schon Deine Passion sein 😜😂🤟

hi 😁tatsächlich habe ich bei der Challenge schon mitgemacht. Mit einer anderen Leidenschaft, obwohl essen am Körper tatsächlich mehr Leiden schafft😁mal sehen,ob meine andere Leidenschaft entdeckst.❤️danke dennoch fürs aufmerksam machen👌

Sieht lecker aus😍👍😎LG aus Berlin

Yummy lunch treat for real food lovers yumyumyum


..ya, like this too, especially when it’s an ‚Eintopf‘ or ‚Gulasch‘ and this things...definitively better the next day...only my children don’t understand it...it’s a no go to have the same again...maybe next life with next children I will change my way of education..best wishes, looks delicious btw..

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