ˢᵉˡᶠᵐᵃᵈᵉ| One of my favourite people is about to write her second state exam to ...

in APPICS4 years ago

... hopefully be able to apply as a judge. I have known her all my studies and I am very happy to have her as a friend.

Therefore I gave her this motivational basket with sweets, soups etc.
Also a little bit of motivation should not be missing. That's why I made some nice notes for her. I hope my friends, they are all so special, will sign up here in Appics soon.


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Thats so awesome! Way to motivate! wishing her best of luck!!

Viel Glück! Was man will schafft man, wenn man es mit Spaß, Herzblut und Passion macht! LG aus Berlin!✌️😎

creative idea!!! Hope she will like it😋

That's great

Drück die Daumen, eine Richterin als Freundin kann sehr hilfreich sein 😜

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