~Arabesque~ Dear APPICS friends here is a video of me playing Debussy's "Arabesque ...

in APPICS12 days ago

... #1".

I first hear ed about this piece after my piano studying and was very surprise by the fact, that I didn't know about this beautiful piece before!

The character of an Arabesque is always cheerful and delicate🌼 and this music piece is only intendend for the piano play.

Enjoy! 🎶


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This was so delightful to listen to. What a treat for the ears, you played it so wonderfully with passion and emotion. I watched this more than once and the smooth transitions and intertwining of melodies are so mesmerizing from start to finish. You were so happy as you played the final chord too. Bravo and encore.

Thank you sooo much,appreciate it a lot!!!☺️

you're so welcome lerchen. From one musician to another. Much respect for what you do and share

good morning greetings for piano teacher it is a beautiful melody to hear the sound of a piano.

Very happy,you like it!♥️

You plays so soundly 😍😍

Thank you!!

Wow 🤩 nice 👍🏿


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Thank you!

Really great

Thank you soo much!!Happy,you like my work,really appreciate it!

What a nice surprise 😮 Thank you for sharing this beautiful melody with us!

Thank you so much for your warm words,happy you like this piece!😀