Smiley Appics - Telos blockchain #2 _____ I seriously thought this was a cute idea, ...

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... so I went with it and made the Smiley Appics guy come to life...

Anyway this was fun to make, it's not a perfect representation of what they want in a video, but time presses.
I also do not have all the words written down but could produce a more professional version later if I had the words copied.


I kept the theme yellow for telos and Appics colors and the original smiley guys color too.

It not exactly what I what I visioned but this is what came to be in the time that I had. So anyway hope you enjoy the Smiley Appics mascot who seems to be excited for Appics to telos too...


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Hey man... Congratulation 🎉🎉🎉 for achieving 3rd place of smileyappics challenge. 👏👏🎉🎉

Great one my friend 💥🔊🎙💥

Of course it’s a cute idea 👌👌👌 looks so beautiful & cool... Best of luck friend 😍

Thanks appreciate it.

Oh Wow Great job!! Looks like a winner to me, I love it!👍🥰😁

Haha thanks ☺️ it's cute and happy and the song is Wonderful...

It definitely is!🙂👍🤩

Thanks 😍 it's to make you smile hopefully...

this is really cool❣ - maybe the winner piece. good luck for the challenge🍀

Hey thanks man appreciate it. ✌️😎🍻

It's cool what you have come up with! 😍💯 Awesome 👍

Thanks bro , yea was a cool idea. Glad it looks ok. Appreciate it man.

Thank you 😊 Great work. We 💛 it🍀

That's great thanks ☺️👍

Most welcome too.. 🤟😉