🍄Magic Mushrooms🍄 ___ Guessing game ✌️ where is this mushroom? Can you figure ...

in APPICSlast year

... it out?
Its not easy, feel free to ask questions.


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I have no clue where that is but it looks impressive! I’d guess in a cave In South America 😄 What’s the name of this mushroom?

Haha nice thanks, yea its not a real mushroom but its in a cave. So im not sure what it would be called but, ill tell you. Its at Disney's California Adventure inside the cave just before you go into the show "It's tough to be a bug" at the now defunct "Bugs Land" where Marval Land now is, but has yet to open. I was going through my old footage and thought it was quite a coop picture and figured by not try a guessing game with some of these cool photos. Anyway thaks for asking bro.


Thanks its pretty cool looking 👌