Magic drink🧙🏻‍♀️🍵 - I hope to become as young and beautiful as @lonistellina 😊 ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... Thank you so much for the tip🙏


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🌱thank you so much for being so open to try out new things! ❤️

Thats me, always trying new things. My family is making fun of me because of that😊.

🤣😂 that's great... @lonistellina you're the beauty model of Appics 💯😁

You should have seen her post to see what the magic ingredients are😊🤪

I've seen 😅

I hope you will in mind and even better!! who knows!!


I haven't seen the post yet but it looks like curcuma, maybe with ginger, lemon and honey?

Ja Kurkuma und Gerstengras. Ich nehme es mit Cashewmilch. Soll ein Wundermittel sein🤩. Schau mal auf Insta Myra snoflinga oder so...

Ja, hab ich auch schon gehört. Als ich krank war habe ich es zumindest genommen 😇 der Geschmack passt mir besser in Suppen und Currygerichte.

Your facials are spot-on 😆

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