🪵My Hubby Is Back With Our 2nd. Cord Of Firewood & A Wood Splitter He's Using From ...

in APPICSlast month

... Work, Woot! 👍🪵🌲 This will make his job much faster, so he can go get more Wood Today while the weather is nice!🪵🌲👍 only 2 more Cords To Go, And We Will be set For the winter 🌨️❄️🏔️ Up Here In The Southern Mountains Of British Columbia Canada!❄️🪵🌲🏔️🪵


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i like those kind of posts. gives a very neat impression. beautiful and peaceful lifestyle 😎😎

Yes indeed thanks! We are in early retirement up here in the mountains finishing our little forever home 🏠

nice. what a dream!!! enjoy😃

Thanks 👍🏞️🌄

Is this enough for the whole winter?

Great job..... Charming lifestyle 🤩

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