Beer Battered Cod Fish & Chips Baked In My New Stainless Steel Stove/Oven For the ...

in APPICSlast month

... first time!!😋 Turned Out Perfect and Soooo DELICIOUS!😋🤤🐟🍟🍋 ( See Photos Of it posted earlier today! )🥰👍


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Oh my God, you're making me hungry😋🔥

Haha, so glad to make you hungry, thanks!😋🤤

Glad you like it, thanks! 😋🤤

Always you are a great cook 👌👍

Awe thanks 😋

Awe thanks, it was so yummy!😋🤤

They were so delicious, thanks!😋🤤

Nothing to say much. So damn good to enjoy your food feeds. Thanks ;-)

Awe thanks, it was delicious!😋

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