After Great Deliberation We Have Decided to Move to Prague, Covid Willing, in Feb ...

in APPICSlast year

... 2021. Panama is Home but We Need a Break.


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Is it easy to live there for a prolonged time? Or are you just going for a long visit. Winter will be very different!

easy for me. i am fro. Western NY. We were there for Christmas 2018. We will start woth a one year stay.

Good to know. And your work is online, right? So you don’t have to worry about work permits and such...

Ohhhhhhh really. Well hope everything will be alright

wow such a beautiful view of the city 😍

This city is so beautiful to look at...good shot👌

Spectecular view 👍📷

Beautiful place..🙂

beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Wow so Beautiful

Really great one 👌

Wow,such a beautiful city😍

Beautiful view

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