#loveappicschallenge by @sergiomendes If you want to know why I do love APPICS, well ...

in APPICSlast year

... you will find out in the video.
Looking forward to your video legends🤙🏻


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Thank you so so much for joining in 😉 oh yeah. And we are so close to be able to finally release the full potential that the dapp have. I am so excited with the future. 😉 don't forget to share this on twitter as well with the hashtag so I can RT. Let's get all this videos out there. ❤ thanks for the support on this challenge.

Well said, Appics Is Legendary!🥰❤️👍

The team behind Appics is super driven as well which helps you stay motivated about the platform I find

absolutely agree on that one ( I assume you will put that comment into your 60secs participation😉) we all know you are a porn natural in front of the camera👊🏼

hahahaha... porn was actually ment to be born... but you are natural porn anyway😂🤙🏻

Porn natural was my nickname in high school so thanks. I'll see how I go, motivation to do vlogs while in lockdown is not great


Perfect cause to love Appics.. A great challenge and by this everyone will know all the positive things of Appics. I will do my one as soon as possible

Good news..😍

Great job 💕


Let's spread love for the Appics and let everyone to know... Nice one 👌

Awww to be social! Indeed I agree! 😍

I love the part where you said "oh boy"😂....great message in so short a video...lets get rewarded socializing💃💃. Awesome challenge💪🔥

Very well said. 👍 I can see your dedication and commitment. Keep it up. 👌

Great job my friend, I love Appics for these same reasons! 🥰❤️❤️❤️

Appics is awesome. It’s the One.

Nice one bro🥰

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