PREPARATION | for the upcoming holidays🤙🏻 I'm looking forward to explore new trails ...

in APPICS3 years ago

... with my bike in the next days and I will record some action of shredding the trails.
So this morning I made sure to test different positions of the action cam attached to the helmet. Preparation is everything. Have an amazing day legends!


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wish you good luck

thank you🙏🏼

All the best bro 👍

cheers bro👊🏼

Wow! Stay safe and wanna see the action 🙂

thank you🙏🏼will share it for sure here on APPICS🤙🏻

All the best! Hope it will be a great adventure...

thank you🙏🏼will keep you posted here🤙🏻

All the best..🙂🙂😍

thank you🤙🏻

Do you do mountain biking??

That's awesome! I was developing a Bike Park near Pune, my hometown, but the response wasn't that great, so had to drop ghe project! The cycling community in India isn't aware or Mountain Biking yet, and educating them was the difficult part!

Awesome 👍😀 Have a great day 🌞

thank you Karen, you too have an amazing day🤙🏻

unfortunately with lots of parts to improve, but since some years now TomTom stopped their Sports line. so no parts available for this one anymore and I use it as long as it holds. Can't compete with GoPro and DJI.🤙🏻

All the best bro 👊🏽💪🏽

thank you my friend🤙🏻

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