YOUR PASSION | Hi APPICS family, hope you are having an fantastic Saturday. Now let's ...

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... make your day even better.
✨I will give out 10K APX as a delegation for 1 month to 5 amazing APPICS users✨ This is your chance to pump up your voting value by additional 10.000 APX.
All you need to do is showing your greatest passion in a photo or video.
💯% originality is required.
The contest starts today and will be open for participation for 7 days until next Saturday, June 13th 2020.
On Sunday I will announce all 5 winners of each 10K APX delegation, which will be contributed on June 15th and will last until July 15th. The delegation is fully unconditional and you can use it as you desire.
There will be no jury and the 5 winner's will be selected only by me.
Please use #mypassion for participating in the contest.
I am looking forward to your posts and your passion.
✨Amaze me and the APPICS community✨
Love from Barcelona


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Wow 🤩✨👌🏿! Sound great 👍🏿....I Go4it 🎊🎉✨🚀

yeaaaah🤙🏻looking forward seeing your passion🙌🏼happy weekend

This is amazing! 🔥

cheers brother👊🏼

Very cool!

Ei bro, amazing initiative to involve the appics community 💪🏻 happy week end

thanks so much bro👊🏼have an awesome weekend too🤙🏻

Ohhho!!! Great 🔥. Thank you.

thank you my friend🙏🏼🤙🏻

Thats amazing contest by you bro 😍 obviously i am so excited to enter into this contest ❤❤

happy you like it👊🏼looking forward to your entry🤙🏻

What an Awesome innitiative! I will be entering soon! I have many passions, can we enter more then once!?

looking forward to your entries Karen🙏🏼YES, everyone can share as many passions as they like🤙🏻

Thats awesome thank you!

It's posted now @hauptmann , if you get a chance to check it out on Steemit, I added some awesome pics and more information there, thanks! Just resteemed here on Steemit to help spread the word!👍👍👍

Awesome friend. I will give up this challenge to save your power. lol 😝

thank you so much my friend🙏🏼well, you are sharing your greatest passion with every post💙and it's always a delight seeing your amazing shots🤙🏻

Thank you 🙏🏼

Waoh this is awesome. This is a great opportunity for those who will emerge winners. Expect my entry on this

thank you🙏🏼looking forward to your passion🤙🏻

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