Hi Ajinkya - I couldn't resist. Had to pop in pre-transition and check it out. Feels good!

Haha.. yeah you must see how Appics feels before & after the migration 😉 Also, we will be able to edit & delete posts/comments once we are on TELOS in future updates.. so this will also be solved 😆

Its nice hey. The disapppinting part is those of us who've been here for more than a year will be losing our feeds as well as all of our follows and followers. But aside from that i see nothing but positive about this. Woot!

Wohoo! 🙌🏻 Great to have you onboard.. Welcome to the Appics family 😊 Looking forward to your posts 😊✌🏻

I think I buggered up the reply Ajinkya - see below.

Hello Telos ❤️🚀😬

Hello Telos Foundation President

And we are here to spread that Awakening...

It is time the world awoke to good money Krazy - and we are here to ring the morning bell. 😁

Welcome my brother 👊, it will be a Grand journey my friend...

I am always up for a journey Northam - we can ride together.

Thank you so much for joining Appics!! Some amazing things are coming for this project and its Amazing community

Thank you newcomer - it feels great to be here.

Welcome to Appics, Woot!👍💰💴

Thank you Karen - woot woot 😉

Your welcome 😃

Welcome to this Amazing community!! Im sure you will love it

Thank you Toushik. It has been a wonderful welcome.

Welcome to APPICS! Great to see you on board 💥 🙌🏻

Hola soy nueva en esta comunidad. No conozco estoy leyendo los post para instruirme, esta comunidad es nueva para mi. Espero aprender de ustedes.

So glad to have you on Appics, Welcome! Greetings from British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie

Welcome to our world 🌎 📱

Thank you for the warm welcome Appics. Wonderful to be here before the Telos transition. Hope it all goes well.

Welcome to APPICS 💥 Great to have you here!

Wow - a personal greeting from the CEO. Can't believe I didn't find my way here sooner. Thank you SirWinchester.

Welcome on board 🙏🏽 🔥

Well I have met a few soldiers before, but certainly none so beautiful. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Goldsmith.

Hello and heartily welcome to Appics, we will go to the moon together 💯🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥

Hello Zanoni and thank you. See you round Appics.

Welcome!! 🙌🏼🎉😊

Thank you Felix. I very much appreciate the arousing reception I have had here at Appics.

Welcome to Appics

Thank love godloverme. I happen to be a godlover2. 🙂

Welcome to APPICS!

Thank you Fycee - you are very kind.

Welcome to APPICS! We all need that financial awakening. @fycee here giving you a warm greetings!

Welcome to Appics!🙏🏽🔥

Thsnk you Taylor. Hope to see you around.

Welcome to Appics 🙌 🙏 😊

Welcome to Appics! Website looks cool! You seem to be a big guy. I don't mind if you follow me😂

Welcome to APPICS 🙌🏻

Thanks Atim. Good to be here. G.