January 5. 2018, Howo and I began a series of Steem hackathons in our evenings and ...

in APPICS2 years ago

... weekends resulting in us building the SteemPress plugin. Today, after two and a half years of building on Steem, the balance of our business account holding more than 20,000 will be "seized" and sent to a privately owned, centralized account alongside 23,6 million other tokens (that's 6.1% of the total Steem supply).

For what? Building a new chain that allowed those who disagrees with the direction of Steem to go a separate way? It's hard to understand given that for months now the Steem blockchain has been under full control of Steemit and the witnesses it selects.

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A revote would be great 👍

Seems like the steempress funds got mysteriously sent to bittrex by a white knight 😏

Just when I thought this saga could not get more crazy

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