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... Gate.

The animated short film "I, Pet Goat II" is a firework of occult knowledge about 9/11 leading to the return of Jesus Christ or more likely the Anti-Christ / Horus. I analyze the video with numbers, gematria and astrotheology. This series is revealing how numbers and gematria have been used to match the images shown.

Minute 2:29

When the video reaches the 2:29 minute mark, we see the Statue of Liberty pointing towards a closing sky. This is very symbolic, as the statue has been often associated with the goddess ISIS, sister and wife of Osiris.

Isis is the ruler of the Silver Gate, or Gate of Man. It is probably a White Hole, placed between the signs of Taurus and Gemini, the bull and the twins. Orion points with his weapon or torch right where it is supposed to be in Egyptian mythology. When the Sun is between the horns of Taurus, it is close to the Silver Gate. The bulls horns with a Sun in-between is the symbol of Isis.

The statue also resembles Orion, who points to the Silver Gate of Isis. Orion's belt is the most recognizable constellation in the sky. The Giza pyramids are aligned like the three belt stars, who point nearly in clear line (slightly parallel) to Sirius, the dog star and brightest star in the sky. The belt stars also point to the Pleiades in the other direction (also slightly parallel). The ecliptic runs along the tip of the weapon of Osiris and somewhere there, around ~87°, is the Silver Gate.

It seems that the video creators knew all of that, which makes it very fitting to show this symbolism right at minute 2:29. "Orion" equals 229 in the Jewish gematria cipher.

Interestingly, from the Anubis statue on a boat passing the Statue of Liberty ritual on 3/23/2010, to Robin Williams symbolic Golden Gate sacrifice were exactly 229 weeks. In Egyptian mythology, the Sun crosses the galactic equator twice on its way around the ecliptic: at the Silver and at the Golden Gate, for which it needs a boat to cross over. And later, Robin Williams got his "Robin Williams Tunnel" sign on 2/29/2016, which was a huge Golden Gate ritual as well.


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