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... animated short film "I, Pet Goat II" is a firework of occult knowledge about 9/11 leading to the return of Jesus Christ or more likely the Anti-Christ / Horus. I analyze the video with numbers, gematria and astrotheology. This series is revealing how numbers and gematria have been used to match the images shown.

Minute 2:18
The number 218 is usually associated with the "Moon" because of its value in Hebrew gematria. The Moon is nearly as relevant as the Sun itself in astrotheology and a crucial part of the important eclipse rituals. While Osiris (Horus, Ra) rules the Sun, it is his wife and sister Isis who rules the Moon. She represents birth and the entry-point of the soul into the fleshly body through her Silver Gate. More about the gates below.

In the video, this numerical value is being visualized with Osama Bin Laden, dressed in a military uniform with CIA badge, while performing a magical ritual under either a red moon, or during a solar eclipse, where the moon moves in front of the sun. Either way, the moon is clearly involved.

Considering the coming of the messianic figure later in that video, this scene at 2:18 looks like an invocation or some sort of birthing ritual, to bring down Horus, the Sun/Son and re-incarnation of Osiris. The Anti-Christ.

If we look at the English Extended gematria cipher, which is closest to the original Hebrew gematria, we get both "death" and "Isis" for 218.

Another very important 218 was the Great American Eclipse on 21/8/2017, which crossed over the USA and will have a sister eclipse in 2024, who together create an X right over the States.

The first Great American Eclipse took place during the 218th Brown Millennium lunation (218th since the year 2000; it was the 1171st total Brown Lunation). Again, the moon was central in both the eclipse as well as the moon lunation.

Another very interesting 218 comes from The Simpsons, who seem to have coded all their episodes with huge riddles and rituals: From the first Osiris Wikipedia entry (first Wiki entries are part of number magic, as I have shown multiple times before) to The Simpsons episode 368 are a span of 218 weeks. 368 equals "Osiris" in the English Extended gematria cipher.

It is as Isis is shining her moon light onto the Osiris symbology of that Simpsons episode through time. Just like when an obelisk (Osiris penis) is hit by the moons reflection through the reflective pool next to the obelisk.

Finally, I found this little gem, that fits perfectly to Osama Bin Laden with a CIA badge, as well as the Great American Eclipse: In the mystical Jewish gematria cipher, 218 equals "Made in America".


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