New little friend! 🐶😊 His name is Atlas, a syberian husky we just adopted and ...

in APPICS2 months ago

... brought to @tammyfit95 house, my 14 years old english setter will probably sniff him a little and won’t care at all, like he always does with other dogs 😂😂


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Che figo, adoro gli husky!

Bellissima razza, molto elegante

I think he like you so much..hi for atlas

I hope so, he’s actually not my dog though 😝

Nice hairy love 🐶❤️


wow he is so cute 😍 good time with him ❤

So cute!!! one of the breeds that I like best

Wow! Looks very cute 😍🙇🏻

Oh you’re Atlas ‘ dad!!! He’s famous on appics 😜

😂😂 @tammyfit95 shot him like a thousand pictures

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