Unlocking the creativity during lockdown. Almost a month back I wrote a lockdown ...

in APPICS4 years ago

... diary on my site (elsaenroute.com) about these bottles I collected and the new plant obsession. The initial plan was to grow the indoor hanging plants like pothos in them. But, very soon I realized it's not a great option as it seems online, especially in our climate.

I'm not great at art or painting and we had a lot of those bottles collected. We, meaning me and my brother. So, I have him back all of them and asked if he can use it to paint something.

Now, our place has become a hotspot for COVID 19 in our area. This means there are police barricades locking all the roads into our place.

More than necessasity, boredom brings out the creativity I think. These are a few almost finished bottles so far.


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