Wow! How many kittens has she got?! So, you are the kittens’ aunty now!! LoL

Hahaha.. No, i'm their servant lol.. She only have 2 kittens

🥰🥰🥰😻So adorable!

Yes they are but they still run away every time i try to pet them 😅

😊 you really are a cat lover like me ☺

Hahaha maybe too much 😂😂😂 my mother asked that if I had children, which one I would take care more, the redfur cat or the baby 😁😂 well redfur is my baby now 🥰😁😂

Cat lovers rule the 🌎. I think cats are intelligent, funny, independent, beautiful and nice - what else you need from your furry friends 🙈😸