HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣 Justin TRON Sunny Boy and his accomplices intended to steal about ...

in APPICS3 years ago

... 23.5M STEEM from about 30+ steem accounts through the latest update to the STEEM blockchain that was executed a few hours ago. The reason for my previous post. I wanted to set my profile picture to black as well; But forgot to do so. Just yet, I discovered someone abuse the trust the STEEM witnesses and Justin gave this unknown person: our Steem White Knight! Immediately after all the wallets of the targetted accounts were emptied and all these funds transfered to the newly created community321 account, all the funds where send to the crypto exchange BITTREX with the note : “These are funds stolen by the STEEM witnesses using HF#23 May 20th 2020 - please return them to their original owners prior to the fork :)”. Subsequently a message was send to Justin and to TripleA steem accounts, stating: “Stealing is Bad”. After that event, the transaction feed became a new type of Twitter. FFing HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣 When Bittrex plays along, stays honest (and I dont have any reason to beleive otherwise) the heist turned out to be not more than a miserbaly failed attempt. I shall set my account profile to PARTY MODE!!! Owww proof of all of this in the picture: its steemd.com/@community321 ... I wish events were allowed; I would’ve thrown a party right now! 🎶🍹🕺😎


Powered by APPICS - visit us at appics.com%E2%80%9D.%20Subsequently%20a%20message%20was%20send%20to%20Justin%20and%20to%20TripleA%20steem%20accounts,%20stating:%20%E2%80%9CStealing%20is%20Bad%E2%80%9D.%20After%20that%20event,%20the%20transaction%20feed%20became%20a%20new%20type%20of%20Twitter.%20FFing%20HILARIOUS%20%F0%9F%A4%A3%F0%9F%A4%A3%F0%9F%A4%A3%20When%20Bittrex%20plays%20along,%20stays%20honest%20(and%20I%20dont%20have%20any%20reason%20to%20beleive%20otherwise)%20the%20heist%20turned%20out%20to%20be%20not%20more%20than%20a%20miserbaly%20failed%20attempt.%20I%20shall%20set%20my%20account%20profile%20to%20PARTY%20MODE!!!%20Owww%20proof%20of%20all%20of%20this%20in%20the%20picture:%20its%20steemd.com/@community321%20...%20I%20wish%20events%20were%20allowed;%20I%20would%E2%80%99ve%20thrown%20a%20party%20right%20now!%20%F0%9F%8E%B6%F0%9F%8D%B9%F0%9F%95%BA%F0%9F%98%8E&category=crypto&hashtags=funny+steem+steemit+tron&author=edje42&profileImageUrl=https://s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/appics-content/profileImages/4648-1588682141790-640&permlink=appics-v1-appics-im-189449)


Lol so awesome. Yes the good guys win in the end. Well done. Thanks, i didn't check the news cuz i was pissed yesterday, then played cod this morning. Now i see this is super awesome.

It’s moooore than just awesome ! It’s genius !!!

Indeed. An anonymous backhand to the ahat greedy douchebag, serves him and his team right. Karma will be more then a healthy b*h this time. It was the ultimate dirty 😈 Sunnyboy exposure all recorded on the blockchain. BOOM

Seems Bittrex made the statement they want to resepect the blockchain and consensus and says something like: When the owner can ID themselves, the funds will get back to the owner...which I think they meant community321 account instead of the original owners. Could be they just have to say this, but who knows. Time will tell I suppose.

I need some popcorn... 😂😂

Let me get some 🍿 more of the popcorn hahaha 😂

🤣🤣🤣 soon and we need more than one book to write down the full story of just the last few months! 🤣🤣🤣 I think it’ll be a case that can perfectly be used in MBA studies. Looking fwd learning who this mysterious person is and how he/she was able to execute this. Could it be the owners of ANONSTEEM through which the account was created? Is it be one of the witnesses changing the code? Was it someone in the business inner circle of Justin? Steem/Hive Saga may just been through its first chapter. Added to this: Second spinout of the Steem chain incoming. They stated to go live in a few months.

Gangsters ! Hahhaa ! Luv it! The good and the bad but the karma is right behind them

Hahaha yeah indeed. Now, am even more curious if APPICS continuous with STEEM, even when they will support multiple chains... I personally think STEEM shall be abandoned completely. Nothing can be trusted on STEEM. I counted at least 8 witnesses being pushed into the top 21 by STINC/TRON just before the hardfork. Fact is: STINC vote is enough to push any new witness into the top 21, giving full control to a single account on what will happen with the chain. TRON promised before not to do this anymore. Justin writes and comments on the STEEM chain and Twitter that he has nothing to do with HF23 and all the changes including the stealing of funds, but STINC owned by TRON/Justin single handedly manages over and over what witnesses are controlling the STEEM chain. Can't be the case APPICS leadership team continuous supporting such chain? Since yesterday even more Apps left STEEM because of HF23 and stealing of money. Curie also stopped since yesterday on STEEM. As Steemauto did. And Splinterland is moving to HIVE as well. Also STINC continous to support users with large delegations who continue to vote for their own shit post and comments: Farming using STINC stake; And they continue delegations even after making this clear to them the delegate to the wrong users.

Two days or so ago, the last developer wirking at STINC, left the company; Rumours is that he decided to leave when learning about the stealing of funds that needed to be put into the code.

They are working on their own chain already

Do you mean Blurt ? Or some other new chain ?

When will this be ready?
I think I stop posting on APPICS until STEEM is abandoned; Bit emotional at the moment, so I may decide otherwise hahaha

Hahahaha my 100% vote is worth zero pffff 🤣🤣🤣

Totally understand you and hope that they will get it all together very soon #appics

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