FREE SPEECH COMES WITH RESPONSIBILITIES ... I’m shamelessly using APPICS to promote ...

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... my first attempt to contribute to Free Speech. This morning I uploaded a very recent censored documentary by conspiracy thinker Judy Mikovits and filmmaker Mikki Willis. For this upload I’ve selected maybe the best Free Speech video platform available: 3SPEAK ( Before uploading I checked in with the 3SPEAK team to understand the terms & conditions when uploading 3rd party content; Obviously I followed all the given guideliness. Though I don’t believe Judy at all, I do believe in Free Speech. To support the ignorant people consuming and believing whatever information they are presented with, without questioning, I tried to give a more 360 degree view towards this Plandemic documentary. Those interested in the Plandemic documentary, check my article at HIVE: or browse to my HIVE feed (accountname: @edje) and click the latest post: Did you watch Plandemic documentary already? What are your thoughts about Free Speech?


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Hi there. Will check you out on hive too. For now this photo is kinda disturbing (but not a flaggable material so don't worry). It stirs the thought that yes, maybe all these arw already been carefully planned! But you know it's so wrong to judge eventhough it is already proven. We just have to stay strong. Thanks for constantly dropping by my posts. This is what i always share my community members to post meaningful comments. And other people are now doing it to me so im really glad.

Thanks for passing by. Totally agree with you; Engagement is the only way to success of any social network, abs especially those that rewards users with real money. Many go the easy route, or think everything come by itself; But thats not the case. Glad you get some followup on your actions of engagement!

I'm sorry my response is totally out of the topic. Freedom of speech is necessary in a platform but ofcourse we should be responsible for whatever outcome it can do after sharing your message. But censoring a content because you are promoting something against anybody's interest is not a good sign. Cheers. Totally redeemed myself hehehe

Hahaha thanks for responding on topic. But you dont have to be sorry for going off topic; I like flowing through topics 🙃

Nice! I had the same thoughts this morning

Ok ok 🙃 What thoughts? Uploading Plandemic? Free Speech comes with responsibilities? Or using APPICS to promote something? Or all the above 🤣🤣

True words !!

Thanks!! 🙃

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