GETTING STRESSED ... some time ago I started playing poker (no real money involved, ...

in APPICS3 years ago

... just fake money) using the Governor Poker 3 app. looks all pretty cool, but MAN, how this game is driving stress levels! the app is not only offering poker (single plays and tournaments), but it tries to drive you nuts by all these daily challenges. skipping a day, means for many of those challenges a clear: out and over with. for a little while its fun to keep going, but at some point in time it starts to feel like work: daily I need to attend to this game to stay in the race of all these challenges. sure I understand why the app builders do this, in the end to create a high level of stickiness, get more returning users, resulting in more revenue for than app owners because users start to buy waivers for these challenges or extra coins to stay in the race. but MAN, that not only makes people hooked but also drives the sane, INSANE. the feeling is growing I’ll gonna quite all these challenges and likely gonna delete the app. will give me (loads) more time for other lower stress activities like hanging out on APPICS, or something like that 🥰 I guess what I wanted to share in a nutshell: how easy it is to loose users/customers when apps and services dont offer the right user experience! NJOY 🙃


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