Very interesting! It seemed to stay in the air without going dark like a lantern. But it doesn’t move in fast and sharp direction like a silver orb. It couldn’t be a satellite, not a lantern, not a drone, not a fallen angel (that did happen a long time ago! LoL). It could be a small alien orb doing some reconnaissance. Lately there are many sightings of alien orbs in Thailand too. They are afraid of humans starting a nuclear war!! 🌹👽🛸🛸😂😂

Actually it was flying past our area I tried to keep my hands as steady to keep it on lock but when zoomed in its bit hard to lock on it, I do t think a satellite possibly some alienish entity as u said freaking out we do more stupid shot to this planet and universe 🙌😂

Wow amazing shot!! How long did it stay there?

Kudos on feedback bro all my wife been waiting for such a moment 🤣 blame x files! Roughly a min + it passed over our house and away until it became too small 👽

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